New HoN Kickstarter DPG Subscription 5-8 HoN videogames Origins award are won

Devil Pig News subscription ENG (issue #5 to #8)

55.00 €

Shadows over Normandie ENG

65.00 €

Pegasus Bridge – FR/ENG

45.00 €

Guardians’ chronicles – FR/ENG

12.00 €

KS: Heroes of Normandie, strategic resupply is ON!

Soldiers! Move and store! Kickstarter : Heroes of Normandie, strategic resupply

Scenarios, fan-arts and website update

Hello! New translated scenarios are added to the data base! Thanks to Moomer! Cut like a knife through butter (translated by Moomer) Wittmann’s charge Within reach of an 88mm Strike Swiftly! (translated by Moomer) Fan-art We begin to fill the fan-art gallery! The last in date is a special Sgt Rock 😉 => Download => Heroes of Normandie => Fan-art gallery Website update New functionalities were added: New contact form to better […]