Gazette subscription 4-7 ENG Origins award are won

Devil Pig News subscription ENG (issue #4 to #7)

55.00 €

Scenario Pack Sainte Mère Eglise

45.00 €

Scenario Pack Carentan

45.00 €

Battleground Set

20.00 €

New subscription opened ! issues #4 to #7

Soldiers, We have open again the Gazette subscription for the issues #4 to #7. The issue #4 will welcome a distinguished guest, some of you have already ideas who he is. You can discover the future content of the next issues. The Christmas Gazette will bring a new item: battlemap on poster! In order to begin this invasion, Arnheim is the first. You knew bridges in Heroes, but that’s before […]

Game Help for Battleground set and Gazette #3 – new version

Hello everybody We have just put online the new version of this game help. Swamp rules Mud area rules Swamp template Mud area template Have fun 😉