Gazette subscription 4-7 ENG Origins award are won

Devil Pig News subscription ENG (issue #4 to #7)

55.00 €

Scenario Pack Sainte Mère Eglise

45.00 €

Scenario Pack Carentan

45.00 €

Battleground Set

20.00 €

New downloads: church and mansion

Hello everybody! A big amount of fan scenario was arrived in the download zone (thanks Gduprez, and sorry they are only in french for now), we added 2 buildings to up your battlefields. Botch came from the Shadows over Normandie kickstarter development. -deconsecrated church by Deep Ones or classical church – Writer’s mansion Have a good game PS: If some bilingual players want to translate scenarios from french to english, […]

New HoN and SoN Downloads

Hello everybody, We have put online a new set of official add-ons: Force Française de l’Intérieur (HoN) Miller’s rangers (HoN) Steiner kampfgruppe (HoN) Dust (HoN) More zombies (SoN) Achtung! Cthulhu (SoN) This is picture files of all the exclusive punchboards from the Heroes of Normandie kickstarter. Add-on download section: Add-on download section Have a good game!