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Annual inventory


We must carry out a complete inventory to update the state of the stocks, to make itself the whole Devil Pig Games team undertakes the following actions from now on:

  • All products are removed from the online shop,
  • The current promotions that we had extended to give the maximum benefit to you are stopped,
  • The after-sales service is also suspended.

We estimate the duration of the operation to be one week.

Of course, the P500 products are not affected by these operations and we remind you that you have until Saturday, February 2 until 12:00 noon (French time) to participate in the operation. Share the P500 with your Heroes of Normandy fan friends so that the objective can be reached and the products concerned can be published again!


Thank you for remaining faithful to us for all these years, we will do it as soon as possible!

posted by gduprez the [30/01/2019]

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2 Comments on “Annual inventory”

  1. avatar 2. sgtgorilla said :

    Elle est drôloement loonnnguuueeeee la semaine d’inventaire ?!?

    Un souci ?

  2. avatar 1. massamendes said :

    when the store will avaible again?