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1.1 – All of KS HON BRO is in production since September (Core Box, Battlepack, War Stories, More Bacon, Storage, see 3. THE ROADMAP AND FUTURE OF THE GAME RANGE HoWW2).

1.2 – GOOD TO KNOW: After Covid-19, the Factory has accumulated lateness on numerous projects predating our own, especially because of the lack of base materials needed to make games. This could cause a small delay in our production

1.3 – GOOD TO KNOW: After Covid-19, Chinese Commercial Harbours as well as international ship transport has suffered numerous perturbations which could impact our planned delivery date.

1.4 – We think that global delivery of the KS HON BRO is estimated to Q1 2022. (This remains an estimation, evolution regarding point 1.2 and 1.3 could change this.) Delivery planned during Kickstarter being moved two month by the addition of the SOLO MODE we should be in time with what we announced previously (Q1 2022).



As you could have seen or will see, HoWW2 Books have been visually ands structurally updated. Everything was changed including the addition of a very helpful sommary that will allow you to find any rule, special ability detail very quickly.
The addition of “fake” tabs on the left and the right of the pages will ease your navigation of the book.
The way scenarios are approached was reworked easing setup and potential special rules tied to it.

After sending all production files to the factory, we used the time to reorganise our working process. The changes are mainly concerning the classification of our files as well as the sorting system tied to it, this improved greatly our developpement capacities as well as projection in the future. The creation of a Developpement, Production and Release planning was also worked on which allowed us to create the ROADMAP that we’ll be refering to in our next point.





3.1 – IMPORTANT: The game list you can see on our ROADMAP is not exhaustive and don’t follow a specific parution patern. This is a glimpse at what we have planned between 2022 and 2024. Release dates will be communicated ahead of Crowdfunding or direct release. This ROADMAP is ONLY about our HoWW2 game range (Heroes of World War 2).

3.2 – Here are the new game range for our HOWW2 V.2 (Heroes System – World War Two; Heroes of Normandie, Heroes of Stalingrad, Heroes

of the Pacific).

– Core Box : Every components necessary to play up to 2 players.(rules and scenarios, units, cards, tokens, maps and terrain tiles).

– Battlepack : Additional rules that will need a Core Box (rules and scenarios, units, cards, tokens, maps and terrain tiles)

– War/Pulp Stories : Additional material needing a Core Box or one or multiple Battlepacks. (rule(s), 1 scenario, units, tiles and terrains)

– More Bacon : Multiple cosmetic or deluxe items like order tokens, bags and dice as well as even more surprises !

– Storage : Products to store your whole collection of HoWW2 in an easy, elegant et efficient way for quicker setup and practical transport.




For the 2021 Halloween, we’ve prepared a special War Story, the first among a series of Pulp Stories that will bring the fantastical and surnatural to the V2 oHoWW2!

This will be a “made in France” product, available for pre-order on our website starting NOW, for a delivery end of November 2021.

You can preorder it here:




In the streets of Stalingrad fights were reaching an apex in intensity, the sewers weren’t spared by this maelström of violence.

The underground network was offering the opportunity to both sides to cross the city without being exposed to sniper shots, bombardment or ambushed units in the streets. But it often implied that fighters were crossing paths with each others. Battles were inevitable and were happening in dismal conditions. In complete obscurity, only pierced by the white from the torch lights, covered in the thick odour of the decomposing bodies and trashes of the city, where every sound resonated from a wall to the other, making it impossible to know where it was coming from.

Russians and Germans where killing each others for a few meters of conduits, a water tank or a manhole…

Add  a new scale to your battlefields. Move below the fire of your opponent. Cease every opportunity to surprise your ennemy and then disappear back in the depth of earth.

You’ll find in this downloadable pdf every rules to redo the underground fights of Stalingrad as well as a scenario in two parts exploiting this same mechanic.

This will be available to download next week!



General Montgomery thought he would take Caen in the night of the 6th June, the 7th at the latest. But the british troops were bogged down against a determined ennemy to which the Fürher had given the order to die rather than to fall back.

Montgomery turned this situation to his advantage by fixatin a maximum of german troops (600 tanks where mobilised against the Brits and Canadians against 110 against the Americans) to open up the Yankees to consolidate their position, conquer Saint-Lô and Cherbourg while preparing Operation Cobra.

The 20th Jully 1944, the town was freed after 6 weeks of intense fighting while the soldiers of the Stars and Stripes are pushing into Britanny while widening the front stretching from Saint Nazaire to Argentan, passing through Nantes, Angers and Le Mans.

To succeed, 3 armoured divisions and 11 infantry divisions, supported by planes and numerous brigades and other formations from other army corps. Those fighting units took part in 6 operations (Perch, Epsom, Windsor, Charnwood, Jupiter and Goodwood), on a front spreading from Carpiquet to Giberville, just short of 15 kilometres.  600 000 shells fell on the town in 78 days, killing 2000 to 3000 civilians. The Battle of Caen was one of the cruelest in the Second World War.


We will present this new chapter of Heroes of Normandie during our next Kickstarter campaign. It will introduce British and Canadians troops to the V2 HoWW2 Game Range as well as new German units, new boards and terrain tiles and rules for urban fight.

Until the launch of the campaign, that will happen shortly after KS HON BRO is delivered (Q1-Q2 2022), we will introduce you to our methods and process of developpement as well as the project’s status. We will share all of this with the community for this true crowd funding and creation process on Kickstarter.


7. 1st HoWW2 RANKED LEAGUE 2021-2022

To end this update, we want to reintroduce our Ranked League system for  V2 Heroes of World War 2


The league will take place on Tabletop Simulator thanks to the mod: Heroes of Normandie : Big Red One Edition [Official] [EN, FR]

You’ll need to have Tabletop Simulator and a Discord account on our Server to participate. The League has started on the 11th of October but you can register during the whole duration. All you have to do is to join our Discord channel #ranked-league-registration CLICK HERE


The league will be divided into two seasons : Automn-Winter (October-January) / Spring-Summer (March-June)

February will allow us to take a break from the season. There will be no official match during this month, same as July and September.

You will have to organise between players to find opponents and define the day and time. A list of all the available players will be on Discord in the #rankedleague-player-list CLICK HERE

It is FORBIDDEN to play against the same player twice on the same Battlefield or same Faction.


The first season will last from October to January. The players will be able to fight using the content of the Core box ’Heroes of Normandy – Big Red One Edition’’ and the expansion «Bloody Omaha Battlepack».

2 maps of 6 tiles each to battle on are available for this first season.




For the ranking system of this league we’ll use the ELO SYSTEM, every player starts with 100 ELO points and, after every victory or defeat, this number will go up or down. This system promotes the fact that two players of the same strength will share a similar amount of points. The more the player is performing and the more his ELO is high. If a player surpass his predicted performance (IF he wins against a player with more ELO points than him), he’ll win more ELO points than if he had fought a similar level player. In the same way, he’ll loose more points if he looses against a player with less ELO than him.

Every player must participate in a minimum of 4 Matches to have his ranking confirmed for the finale. 4 mandatory matches minimum then, without any restriction regarding the number of battle they can do during the season as long as they find opponents.



For the first season Automn-Winter, the game rules and army compositions are available in the section #ranked-league-rules. CLICK HERE



< 50 ELO = Recruit = Discord Role

51 – 150 ELO = Private = Discord Role+ 5% Off Store Coupon

151 – 200 ELO = Corporal = Discord Role+ 10% Off Store Coupon

201 – 250 ELO = Lieutnant = Discord Role + 15% Off Store Coupon

250 ELO = General = Discord Role+ 20% Off Store Coupon

3rd Best Season Player  = Rank Rewards + Our Next Campain’s Pledge

2nd Best Season Player = Rank Rewards + Our Next Campain’s Pledge + A SECRET BONUS

Best Season Player = Rank Rewards + Our Next Campain’s Pledge ALL – IN

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6 Comments on “November News”

  1. avatar 6. Norm said :

    For any on-line play, VASSAL would be A LOT better than Tabletop Simulator; and open-up many more potential players.

  2. avatar 5. Alvaten said :

    So it’s mean HOBR is dead ? 😥

  3. avatar 4. Colhammer said :

    I am most excited about the Pulp stories (esp. the soviets getting some supernatural elements of their own). I hope we don’t have to wait for the next halloween to get there…
    The rest (Caen and Pacific) sound a great path forward also.
    Pumpkins pre-ordered! I like the supernatural stuff in my HoN games. Always been a fan of Wierd World War II stuff.

  4. avatar 3. clem said :

    Hi American fellows,
    We’re working on a solution to propose you a fair shipping price.
    We have set aside copies of the Halloween Pulp Stories to cover this issue.
    Sorry for that, but be assure that you’ll be able to get it soon.

  5. avatar 2. WayneCW said :

    Great news that you have all thus new content coming out. Complete bullsh!t it isn’t available in the US without an insane shipping cost.

  6. avatar 1. cdmdu said :

    Beaucoup de bonnes nouvelles!
    Notamment sur les sorties à venir et le futur de la gamme.
    Pour le pulp stories n°1, j’avoue que c’est tentant de mettre un peu de fun dans le jeu, tout en restant HoN. J’aime bien les nouveaux pions proposés, la petite chapelle a quelques petits détails cosmétiques qui ne collent pas : orientation de l’autel, place des statues, quelques trucs de travers, mais purement cosmétiques. Sur ce sujet-là, si besoin, je peux aider.
    Bon courage pour les prochaines échéances!