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Age of Towers : How to store everything ?














Here is a method to store Age of Towers with all exclusives Kickstarter in one box and without mixing everything.

  • Step 1

Empty the basic box of its material


  • Step 2

Take the cardboard bottom and cut the central part to obtain this


  • Step 3

Put in the box the city boards and the mine entrances


  • Step 4

Put away the boss and mini boss boards as well as the event board, 1st player and single player mode track


  • Step 5

Store towers and buildings in two bags place them in the box


  • Step 6

 Put away all the cards in your language.


  • Step 7

Put away the road tiles


  • Step 8

Bag each player’s markers, guard cubes, mercenary meeples and phase marker and put them away.


  • Step 9

Separate the monsters from the different sets and the monsters from the monster bag.

The monsters in the monster bag have a white edge instead of a black edge.


  • Step 10

Bag the monsters and other materials by set


  • Step 11

Put all the bags in the box.


  • Step 12

Put the rulers and the cloth bag away and close the box!

posted by Raphael the [16/07/2018]

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6 Comments on “Age of Towers : How to store everything ?”

  1. avatar 6. Icemantoon said :

    Je m’en suis inspiré, j’ai aussi mis l’extension The Winx

    Et il reste encore un peu de place 🙂

  2. avatar 5. bobologyste said :

    Merci ! Me demandais comment faire pour ranger tout ça 😉

  3. avatar 4. Raphael said :

    Normalement oui, ce sera moins optimal évidemment, mais c’est faisable 🙂

  4. avatar 3. Shix said :

    Chouette tuto !

    Mais est-ce que cela passe avec des cartes protégées ? 😉

  5. avatar 2. thia74 said :

    Voilà qui va être bien utile.
    Une boîte bien remplie !

  6. avatar 1. Murray Brewer said :

    Thanks 4 the hints