The container is on the french ground!

The carrier informed us today that the container with all our stock of Heroes of Black Reach was unloaded yesterday. Now, the current step for the container is to leave the customs.

We will inform you as soon as we know when the dispatcher will receive it and when he will start to send you your pre-orders.

posted by Axel the [18/09/2018]

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9 Comments on “The container is on the french ground!”

  1. avatar 9. chamberlanderic said :

    what does this mean for north american consumer who ordered on the french site?

  2. avatar 8. Snarffboy said :

    Are we now assuming this stock is now impounded somewhere based on the news today?

    I imagine theres a lot of us nervously wondering whether our Chapter pledge money is now lost entirely.

  3. avatar 7. Yves said :


  4. avatar 6. Axel said :

    We have no answer of the US distributor (Iello Games) but it should be dispatched in October.

  5. avatar 5. Sgt Issah said :

    What about the status of the US shipment? Anything for us?

  6. avatar 4. Axel said :

    All preorders and our stock are coming by this container.

  7. avatar 3. LionSaurus said :

    Is this the private pre-orders or the pre-orders that came after?

  8. avatar 2. bartdevuyst said :

    That’s good news!

  9. avatar 1. Eclo said :

    Goooooooood news !!