Aviation Rules

Why do all German soldiers photographed in Normandy have their eyes glued to the sky, and why do they take […]

Last Hours!

“As the bullets of the last german bunker fly over your head, you see the remaining braves and the rest […]

Solo Mode Unlocked!

Attentiioooon, at ease Soldiers! It’s good news coming straight from HQ! Good news indeed!  Solo moooooddeeeee is here!!! Congratulations everyone, […]

Heroes of Normandie Big red one edition Core Box Punchboards

Here is some new visual for the Base Game punchboards. We’re very excited to show you those glorious unit and […]

Live Facebook

The Live session is coming in a few hours, remember that it is set up at 1:30 pm EST / […]

Solo Mode is coming!

Hello Soldiers!   We heard you! To better introduce you to this last one, a word from Yann & Clem: […]

Upgrade pack for veterans!

Hello soldiers! We are so close to get the campaign funded! One more push boys, we almost did it! By […]

Heroes of Normandie – Big Red One Edition is live!

Hello soldiers!   “A fresh apple scent, the sound of the wind in the trees, the kiss of the sun […]

Heroes of Black Reach Bad Moon Stikers

Unfortunately, the Bad Moon stickers have been lost in the Warp during the production. We provide you a downloadable file […]

The Shadows League has a mission for you! (Completed)

Hello soldiers! If you are here, it’s because I personally selected you to help us prepare the ground for the […]