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HoN-TCG Progress – December 2018



A few weeks ago, we announced the end of the game’s production. Since then, we have been working to have the pallets transported to the four dispatch points that will carry out the shipments for:

  • Europe,
  • The United States,
  • Canada,
  • Australia, Asia, South America and Africa.


We had not anticipated the work to be done for this phase, focused as we were on production… It was an opportunity for us to rediscover this aspect of managing a Kickstarter because it was previously managed by team members who are no longer part of the team. We took the time to try and do the right thing rather than doing things too quickly. With this experience, we’ll better anticipate the next Kickstarter (Heroes of Stalingrad) in order to limit delays as much as possible in this phase.

As I write these lines,

  • Everything is set for Europe. The container is expected to arrive in Le Havre on January 20th, 2019. While it takes time to clear customs and then have the pallets delivered to the dispatchers, we reasonably expect the packages to leave for the backers by early March 2019, at the latest. For those who would like to follow the ship: the reference of the boat carrying our container is MOL TRADITION / 006 W.
  • For the other 3 zones, we have almost settled everything. We are waiting for the last quotes which we’ll validate as soon as we have them. We hope to have the dispatcher’s answers soon and validate everything before the end of next week. If this is not the case, we’ll let you know.

We chose to treat each zone independently and in parallel, by not waiting until we handled all zones before sending the containers away. To us, this seems more pragmatic as we assume the possible frustrations of the backers of the zones that will be served last.

A small, yet important, practical point: we fetched the dispatch data from our website. Please don’t go directly to the Pledge Manager if you want to make address changes; they will no longer be taken into account! Send me an email at kickstarter.dpg@gmail.com, specifying your login/user name on the Devil Pig Games website so that I can find you more easily.

We thank you once again for your patience and we hope that the game will live up to your expectations.


posted by gduprez the [13/12/2018]

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7 Comments on “HoN-TCG Progress – December 2018”

  1. avatar 7. gduprez said :

    I have indeed fallen a little behind in my schedule but there is no question of going back on the way we communicate. I hope to have time to post a News in the coming days for Hon_TCG.
    J’ai effectivement pris un peu de retard dans mon planning mais il n’est pas question de revenir en arrière sur notre façon de communiquer. J’espère avoir le temps de poster une News dans les jours à venir pour Hon_TCG.

  2. avatar 6. Sgt Issah said :

    Staying the course means…. Has the shipment for the US left China yet or is it still at the warehouse? The update is a month behind,. Starting to slide back into some old habits.

  3. avatar 5. gduprez said :

    Nous avons encore du travail mais ça avance. Nous gardons le cap.

  4. avatar 4. Skyarrow said :

    Merci d’avoir revu vos priorités et d’avoir mis le paquet pour achever ce KS

  5. avatar 3. WayneCW said :

    Can you please give an update for this. I’m particularly looking for a US shipping update.

  6. avatar 2. Sgt Issah said :

    Any more information on when the shipment for the US will depart? Has it left yet? Haven’y heard anything on this in almost a month.

  7. avatar 1. Jean-Claude FABROL said :

    Excellentes nouvelles.
    Merci d’avoir mis les informations sur le porte-container, cela va me permettre de le suivre sur marine traffic 🙂