Brussels Games Festival 2017

Devil Pig games will be present at the Brussels Games Festival on August 2th6 and 27th!

Axel will welcome you with pleasure on the prototypes of Age of towers and the Imperial Gazette of Heroes of Black Reach! He will answer all your questions or remarks 😉

This will be the first time you can discover Heroes of Black Reach, game using the Heroes System Tactical Scale, game system already present in heroes of Normandy and shadows over Normandy!

See you soon!

posted by Axel the [15/08/2017]

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2 Comments on “Brussels Games Festival 2017”

  1. avatar 2. Axel said :

    I won’t show Heroes of Stalingrad because we are at the information step. We are reading books to well prepare it 😉

  2. avatar 1. voxer said :

    And heroes of stalingrad, will you show off samting offerte That? Ore not? I love youre heroes of normandie game. Greatings aan dutch fan.