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Scenario contest : Compilation V1.1

Hello everybody, There is the newest version of the scenario contest compilation. Most of the background text are translated and […]

Scenario contest result

Hi everybody, The first scenarios contest results are revealed. But before telling you the winners name, let’s get back a […]

Scenario contest : Try and Vote!

Hello! Last week, you discovered the scenarios from the contest, now you can vote! Once you choose the one you prefer, […]

Scenario contest : translation

Hello all! As you have already seen, all the background text is in french. So, if some people has sufficient […]

Scenario contest : try it, play it!

Hi everybody ! As promised, we are able to show you all the scenarios for the January contest! Votes will […]

Scenario Contest!

UPDATE 01/19/2015 Hello all! jm974, french forum moderator, has launched a scenario contest and we are partnering with him to […]