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B Movies

During times of war, soldiers need to take off the pressure! And for that, nothing beats a good B Movie! […]

Nijmengen 44

September 1944, the allied “blitzkrieg” following the breakthrough of Cobra began to run out of steam. Despite the unexpected capture […]

A new scenario for HoBR to download

      There’s nothing like a good fight between orks to warm up before you go slamming Ultramarines. You […]

New subscription opened ! issues #4 to #7

Soldiers, We have open again the Gazette subscription for the issues #4 to #7. The issue #4 will welcome a […]

Game Help for Battleground set and Gazette #3 – new version

Hello everybody We have just put online the new version of this game help. Swamp rules Mud area rules Swamp […]

Game Help – Mines

Hello ! Some of you received their Gazette #2 (subscription). You have seen you need the game help “Mines” on our website […]

Tournoi : Page dédiée et mise à jour

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. Bonjour, Nous venons de mettre la touche finale à la préparation du […]

How to use the pledge manager

You will receive a link in your mailbox giving you the access to the pledge manager. Once you click on […]

Précommandes et partenaires

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. Une petite news pour clarifier les dates de livraisons des précommandes effectuées […]

DUST special rules available

Check the download section : Don’t forget to tell us what you think of it. Units and recruitment items […]