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AZAO – 6 new punchboards

6 new punchboards were added to Azao’s catalogue. You can already download the P&P files for a long time in […]

Age of Towers : The City of Wetlands

Hidden in the middle of the mangrove between the Forest and the Black Rock is the City of the Wetlands. […]

Age of Towers : The Burning City

The desert of the Burning City is not hospitable to anyone, even if we are a monster. But the greatest […]

Heroes of Black Reach : Stormboyz

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No it’s Stormboyz! Waaagh!!!

Age of Towers : Balfurion

In the heart of the forest lies the Ageless Tree, the protector of the surroundings, but also the source of […]

Heroes of Stalingrad : Late Pledge

The kickstarter campaign is over but the Late pledge is here! If you missed the campaign you can still have […]

Age of Towers : Quest Cards

You want to enlarge your tower? Are your neighbors richer than you? Quest cards are here to help you! * […]

Heroes of Black Reach : Dropzone

The Drop zone is the best way to discover Heroes of Black Reach. This completely autonomous demo will initiate you […]

Kharnage : Review did a wonderful Kharnage and a great review! Thanks to them! Read the article here :

Heroes of Stalingrad : Thank you

The Devil Pig team thanks you, who participated, analyzed and commented this campaign here, on kickstarter page and on forums. […]