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Heroes of Stalingrad : Russian Punchboards

The Russian punchboards of the core box are here! What do you think of that? After checking in the office, […]

Birthday sales : Kharnage

BIRTHDAY SALES   The mega promotions continue until June 30th on our shop!   You have 12 days left to […]

Age of Towers : City of Wetlands

The City of Wetlands has remained hidden from other peoples of the region, even during the Kharnage era. It has […]

Age of Towers : Ploom Bundelbore

A magical university is not one without a great witch and Ploom Bumdelbore the Deputy Headmistress does not fail to […]

Heroes of Black Reach : Photos

The pre-production copies arrived at the office and we took some pictures. Everything we’ve received   The corebox The Space-marines […]

The sales are a (too?) big success!

Hello everyone, You are very many to take advantage of our offers during this D-Day sales! Thank you ! We […]

The opening of the Grand D-Day Sales at midnight!

The landing of mega promos is tonight at MIDNIGHT (CET, Paris, France) with 50% discount on the whole shop! (excluding pre-orders […]

Des Bretzels et des Jeux

The pigs will be in Strasbourg for Des Bretzels et des Jeux on June 9 and 10. On the program, […]

Age of Towers at the office!

Age of Towers has arrived at the office! We took the opportunity to take some pictures. More info:   […]

Grand D-Day sales!

Devil Pig Games is 5 years old and it’s something to celebrate! From June 6th to June 30th it’s the […]