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It ‘s been several weeks since the closing date for the Shadows over Normandie scenario contest. All received scenarios needed to be given the proper layout and translated first so the French and English speaking communities can check them out at the same time. For this competition, we are thrilled to publish a booklet with 7 scenarios. A big thank you to Moomer for the translation in english. You can download the […]

Shadows over Normandie – What next?

The Shadow Hunters pre-order campaign is now finished. We thank all participants who contributed to its success. We decided to let the fans have a say in the future development of the Shadows over Normandie range and have given them the opportunity to choose one of these 3 themes as their favourite : Nyarlathotep’s awakening Children of Dagon The Fallen of the Black Sun : die Gefallenen We imagine you […]

Unlocked stretch goal!

Thanks to you on this last day of pre-orders for Shadow hunters, you have unlocked the printing of the bonus scenario! The scenario using the manor of the writer, initially in pdf, will be printed as a sheet such as those that will be present in the Compendium 😉 This scenario will serve as a prologue to the story of Shadow Hunters!


We were happy to propose you our new product for Shadows over Normandie -our scenario-base World War II wargame in the world of Cthulhu- called Shadow Hunters, but as many things, the end is coming. This expansion won’t never be sold in game shop, maybe very few of them on our website and during game events, but really, we are not sure at all. Consider that like your last chance […]

Ongoing hunt!

The first week of this first Limited Edition is over and we had a great pleasure to see that you are interested by it. Don’t forget you won’t be able to buy it after this pre-order period (except if we have always some copies again to sell). IMPORTANT: Shipping for USA and CANADA was reduced to 12€. A discount voucher will be made after the campaign to those who paid an […]

New shipping for Shadow Hunters

Hello everybody, We well heard you, american and canadian people. We will work on optimization concerning the shipping in order to reduce it. We will do the modifications only next week, when the webmaster return to his office. For all the North American backers who have already pre-ordered it, we will send you a voucher with a value equal to the difference between the 2 shipping costs. So, you can wait […]

The Shadows over Normandie wave!

Hello everyone, It’s the Shadows over Normandy wave on the website today! But not only! Because we introduce a new payment system, Stripe, to allow even more easier payment! But let’s start at the beginning!     As the backers of the Strategic Resupply kickstarter project already know, the storage system for Shadows over Normandie will arrive in 2 months (Holy Father of Customs, protect us :-D) and will be […]

Preview Shadow Hunters – 2nd punchboard

We continue the previews of this new scenario pack for Shadows over Normandy! Because yes, this is a scenario pack containing: – 3 punchboards – 3 double-sided terrain boards – 6 Majestics Action cards in english – Rules and scenario sheets in english But before we introduce this second punchboard, we will talk a little more about our new type of product, the LIMITED EDITIONS. LIMITED EDITIONS, what is it? A game/expansion […]

April fools’ day

Hello everybody, As some well thought, the sticker album – Generals of World War II was a hoax 😉 More than 50 people booked it, and we are sad to say we like to send you it (we would be very happy too to do it) but it won’t be possible. We hope you liked the joke we made and that’s why we launched it the March 31st and we […]

Preview Shadow Hunters – Fisrt Punchboard

            Few days ago, we published the cover of our next Shadows over Normandie extension. Today, we disclose the preview of 1 of the 3 punchboards of Shadow Hunters.