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SoN fans invoked a tempest!

                  Hi everybody! NEW STRETCH-GOAL We add a new stretch-goal in order […]

You? An hero? Let me joke! See me, I am THE hero!

                  100,000 € It’s not simply a step like others. It’s a […]


YEEPEE! You have just reached a new SG!   You pledged 47€/36€, you will receive stuff for a value of […]

Bryan is saved!

HURRAH! You saved Bryan, he is ready to kick some german butts!   You pledged 47€/36€, you will receive stuff […]

Dark side of the war is on you!

Hello everybody, Thanks to you! A new stretch-goal is unlocked and new stretch-goals was added 😉   You pledged 47€/36€, […]

KS: 2 first SG unlocked!

YEAHHHHHHH! Mais aussi de nouveaux add-ons dont de l’exclusif! And you, have you already pledged? Click now on the kickstarter […]

KS: Heroes of Normandie, strategic resupply is ON!

Soldiers! Move and store! Kickstarter : Heroes of Normandie, strategic resupply

Scenarios, fan-arts and website update

Hello! New translated scenarios are added to the data base! Thanks to Moomer! Cut like a knife through butter (translated by […]

On the road to the next KS!

Hi,​ It’s been two years of fighting on the Normandy front. It was a long, some would say painful, journey… […]

3 last days for the SoN bundle pack

3 last days before the end of the SoN bundle pack offer (end: Monday 9th of November)! With the new […]