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News from the Devil Pigs…

Dear customers and supporters, it has been far too long since we have last communicated with you. Unfortunately, there is […]

The container is on the french ground!

The carrier informed us today that the container with all our stock of Heroes of Black Reach was unloaded yesterday. […]

Only for French People

Only for French people

When will Heroes of Black Reach arrive?

Hello, We have more informations about this project which is finished to be printed since more than one month. It […]

Heroes of Black Reach : Photos

The pre-production copies arrived at the office and we took some pictures. Everything we’ve received   The corebox The Space-marines […]

Grand D-Day sales!

Devil Pig Games is 5 years old and it’s something to celebrate! From June 6th to June 30th it’s the […]

Heroes of Black Reach : Space-Marines Bikes

When the enemy hears the roar of the engines it is already too late, the Space-Marine bikes have already passed […]

A copy of pre-production is approaching!

The factory informed us today that they could send us a copy of pre-production next week! You can expect an […]

Heroes of Black Reach : Tankbusta

What better way to blow up tanks than with a rokkit and a hammer when you’re a Tankbusta!

Heroes of Black Reach : Brother Agnathio

Brother Agnathio after the fall of Chundrabad was interred in a Dreadnought and now faithfully serves Cato Sicarius […]