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All that stuff is beautiful and all, but how the hell do I store it?


In the current P500 campaign, you can get a new generic storage box for Shadows over Normandie. Today I’d like to show you the new sticker system and storage strategy… well, mine actually.

In Shadows over Normandie, characters are well covered and often share colored stripes with other units; units also have a lot more available options compared to their equivalents of HoN and HoBR. Therefore, my first choice was to define groups of three stickers, each sharing the same color and patch.



  • The sticker with nothing but the colored stripes and the big patch in the middle is dedicated to characters,
  • The sticker with the supplementary yellow shield and an extra small patch is made for the main Recruitment Tile and large support options,
  • The sticker with the wooden crate is used for gear, character traits, and small support options.

This group of three stickers is conceived for the Majestic, Rangers, Section M, Bedouin, Deep Ones and Sons of Cthulhu.

For the Black Sun, however, there is no regular Recruitment Tile, only characters, with the black and purple stripes. Here, the sticker with the yellow shield (but without a small patch on the bottom right) helps to sort grenades and other small support options for the Black Sun.



Next, there’s a series of stickers for units with their own proper patch and/or own colors. These stickers have the color coding of the actual unit, the big patch in the middle, a yellow shield and a small badge. These stickers are obviously made for the corresponding units and their options. On the sticker sheets, you’ll, therefore, find the SAS, the Choir of Nightmares, the Ghoul Clan, the Black Sun Novices, Sonderkommando Dora, and the Mi-Gos.



The four stickers with golden laurels allow you to store neutral and Command options. I also decided to store the Command Tiles in there, but you could put those with the characters as well. If you also own the storage system for Heroes of Normandie, you could put these neutral options in the corresponding boxes of that collection and save four drawers.

Shadows over Normandie comes with a ton of customizations in different types. The corresponding drawers overflow quite quickly and during setup, or when army building, it becomes complicated to find the right customization or a specific token.



For this reason, I’d like to propose three stickers for the white customizations (with the magnifying glass in the middle). It’s up to you to split the options following your own logic. Personally, I’ve placed the weapons in one drawer, the historical special abilities in another, and the fantasy special abilities in the last one.



You’ll also find three stickers for the green customizations and two for the Spells (the two stickers right of Sonderkommando Dora). In one of these Spell drawers are the ‘classics’ and in the other are the invocations.



Here again, you could to decide to pack all spells together to save one or two drawers.



On the fourth row (below the Bedouin stickers), you’ll see from left to right, two stickers for Investigator characters (there’s not enough room in one drawer), the small, white recruitment options for the Investigators of Shadow Hunters and one sticker for the options and tiles of the Level Up expansion. Right below that Level Up sticker is a label for Spell Books and corresponding options.



Right below the Sons of Cthulhu (on the third row of that sheet) you get, from left to right, a sticker for neutral Mythos characters, a sticker for the Necromancer and his associated options, a sticker for Zombies and finally a sticker for neutral, green recruitment options which correspond to creatures, most of the time.


Now you’re asking yourself why you didn’t get this perfect storage system anytime sooner??? Well, participate in this P500 campaign. On Monday, June 17th, 2019 at 18h00, it will be too late. You can’t say that I haven’t warned you…

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