Hello everyone!

Many of you have contacted us regarding orders placed on September 25 and 26.

We have reviewed the situation with Meeple Logistics: order information is sent by e-mail and for these orders the e-mail with data files has never arrived.

This file has been successfully re-sent and the orders are due to leave today.

The “sending in progress” status indicated on your order is automatically activated when the email is sent but does not give visibility when the email does not arrive at Meeple Logistics.

We are thinking about improving the update of the status of orders in order to better detect missing files.
We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

posted by Claire-Marie the [10/10/2018]

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6 Comments on “ORDERS OF SEPTEMBER 25 and 26”

  1. avatar 6. Chris01020003 said :

    Your Order N° 29788 has been successfully registered!
    You will receive an email containing a tracking number as soon as your order is sent.

    That’s all I got since 26th sept,sent a few mails and still no reply

  2. avatar 5. Rahlyx said :

    Parfait,merci beaucoup.
    Bon week-end.

  3. avatar 4. Golborak said :


    par contre personnellement je n’ai reçu aucun mail de la part de Meeple Logistics pour la confirmation d’envoi. Je ne sais pas si c’est normal.


  4. avatar 3. Rupidia said :

    2 days later and still waiting for mine to be shipped

    ORDER MADE THE 26 SEPTEMBER 2018 À 00H09 [Shipping]
    You have paid your order by Société Générale.

    Your order hasn’t been sent yet.

  5. avatar 2. Claire-Marie said :

    Oui les commandes sont parties de chez Meeple Logistics, donc ça devrait arriver chez vous très prochainement !

  6. avatar 1. Rahlyx said :


    Je me disais aussi que c’était étrange de n’avoir aucun retour de votre part.
    Je n’ai rien à faire alors pour ma commande 81776384UU1577511 passée le 25/09 ?