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Heroes of Black Reach available for order !



Good news: Heroes of Black Reach is now available for direct order on the website!

Find Captain Sicarius and the Ultramarines taskforce now in the shop:

posted by Claire-Marie the [24/10/2018]

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2 Comments on “Heroes of Black Reach available for order !”

  1. avatar 2. Brakmorn said :

    Ordered 9-11-2017
    Shipped 10-30-2018
    Delivered 11-5-2018

    Awesome. So Heroes of Stalingrad should be what. August 2019? Hopefully……

  2. avatar 1. Dred ZeRed said :

    En parallèle, faites un petit rappel sur les réseaux sociaux 😉
    Ça mange pas de pain… au saucisson :p