Scenario contest : Compilation V1.1

Hello everybody,

There is the newest version of the scenario contest compilation. Most of the background text are translated and verified by the community, but some of them are always untranslated. We will modify the compilation each time we have some translations. We added also the author’s names.

Scenario contest compilation (Winter 2015)
Download File

posted by Axel the [21/04/2015]

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4 Comments on “Scenario contest : Compilation V1.1”

  1. avatar 4. pierard said :

    Merci les gars… Bonne continuation… 😉

  2. avatar 3. Axel said :

    Le concours ayant eu lieu cet hiver, c’est normal d’écrire “Hiver 2015”

  3. avatar 2. Ouaam76 said :

    Merci !!

  4. avatar 1. beleg01 said :

    Hiver 2015…?!