Contents of the Battle Pack II – Battle for Caen

1 Rules & Scénarios booklet ( 28 pages 7 Scenarios)

1 Deck of 50 cards, 14 Tokens & 2 dices for the Commonwealth 

9 Punchboards

6 Terrain Boards

1 Storage system sticker sheet

posted by yann the [19/05/2022]

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One Comment on “Contents of the Battle Pack II – Battle for Caen”

  1. avatar 1. Idiots.Inc said :

    Hello! Glad to see these punchboards! I did a quick look over for errors and found some:

    board 3 reverse – sexton and firefly options are in switched positions

    board 3 reverse – officer needs red skull icon for death on hit

    board 6 reverse – command tile has wrong stripes on large option slot

    Keep up the great work and im excited to see how the campaign goes!