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Battlefield creator

Hello everybody,

Vanknee, a french guy of the community, created a battlefield creator. Like for the Heroes system army manager created by Branga, it’s an AMAZING tool for all scenario writers. Go to:


Try it 😉

Vanknee’s tool takes into account the sides of terrain tiles (you cannot put twice the same terrain tile with both sides), etc.

We will help him to up his tool with better picture quality.

posted by Axel the [18/01/2016]

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9 Comments on “Battlefield creator”

  1. avatar 9. Weird WWII said :

    Looks AWESOME!!

    Brian & Mel

  2. avatar 8. jasta6 said :

    Figured out the deployment zones, thanks for such a wonderful tool!

  3. avatar 7. Dan Brewer said :

    Outstanding! I love it!!!

  4. avatar 6. jasta6 said :

    What a great tool. I love how intuitive it is and the ease of use. I found a few things I have to figure out, one being marking the deployment zones. I couldn’t get this to work. Another is placing objective markers. Sometimes they just would not go where I wanted them to. But tthis is a GREAT tool! Thank you Very, Very much!

  5. avatar 5. Joakinmon said :

    Grande!. Great!.

  6. avatar 4. dafrca said :

    *** Got it to work ***

    Wonderful tool. Great job!

  7. avatar 3. dafrca said :

    I can’t seem to get it to work for some reason. 🙁

  8. avatar 2. Huskey said :

    Fanastic help to write senario’s

  9. avatar 1. Strueker said :

    Great tool!