Last Hours!

As the bullets of the last german bunker fly over your head, you see the remaining braves and the rest of your army, pushing up above the beaches and into Normandie. The battle is almost over and yet you remember the war is still raging behind the hedgerows and bosques ahead of you. A firm hand fall on your shoulder, and your commanding officer says, a cigarette in his mouth: “Let’s do it son, let’s make HQ proud of us.

We’re almost there!! Only a few hours left!


This campaign is officially the best campaign for us at Devil Pig. Ever. We’re proud of our community, both new and old. Our veterans and our recruits. We are just so pleased to see something we poured time, work and love into getting such positive and enthusiastic responses. Hell.. We’re also proud of ourselves a little bit!

#The 175K

We showed you some Work In Progress Punch Boards yesterday for this HUGE Stretch Goal. Let’s talk about it a little bit, it’s basically a way for us to thank you all and reward all our backers for this great campaign. It’s a Stretch Goal that is worth 4 of them!

You will find inside this Stretch Goal:


  • 741st Tank Battalion company A
  • 1 Recruitment Tile

-> COMMAND Sherman M4/ Sherman M4

  • 1 Big Recruitment Option

-> Sherman M4

  • 1 Big Recruitment Option

-> Sherman 76W

  • 1 Big Recruitment Option

-> M10

  • 1 Small Recruitment Option


  • 1 Small Recruitment Option
  • OPTION Americaine


-> 1 .30 CAL

-> 1 Platoon

-> 1 Halftack


  • 2 Panzer-Aufklärungs Abteilung 2
  • 1 Recruitment Tile

-> Officer/SDKFZ 250/ Recon Group/

-> Panzerschreck/Scharfschütze

  • 1 Big Recruitment Option

-> STUMMEL SDKFZ 233/ Recon Group/


  • 1 Big Recruitment Option

-> SDKFZ 250/9-1/ Recon Group/RECON MG42

  • 1 Small Recruitment Option

-> Kubelwagen

  • 2 Panzer-Regiment 3
  • 1 Recruitment Tile


-> PANZER IV ausf H

  • 1 Big Recruitment Option

-> Pz V ausf A panther

  • 1 Big Recruitment Option

-> Stug IV

  • 1 Small Recruitment Options


  • 1 Small Recruitment Options
  • OPTION Allemande

-> 1 Tank Ambush

-> 1 panzerschreck

-> 1 MG42 GROUP

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff. New units to play scenarios with and to customise your army for Free Play! Let’s get this Stretch Goal boys!

We’ll see you once the campaign is over, in the meantime have a great day and thank you once again!

Devil Pig Team

posted by Twane33 the [30/03/2021]

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2 Comments on “Last Hours!”

  1. avatar 2. Arkc said :

    @ Yann F.
    Il y aura bien un late pledge : voir news #21

    Dans le doute, il serait plus simple de prendre le train à venir pour le mode solo via le late pledge. Généralement la mise en vente des boites en dehors du KS (pledge et late pledge) viennent après la dernière expédition (point à confirmer avec DPG) du KS.

  2. avatar 1. Yann F. said :

    Est-ce qu’il sera possible de faire un “late pledge” ou sinon de passer commande directement chez vous (le pledge avec tout + le mode solo) ?
    J’ai un problème avec ma carte bancaire qui ne sera pas réglé avant quelques jours (au moins) et sans carte, pas de kickstarter malheureusement… 😭