DPG warehouse under attack

Good morning soldiers,

We regret to inform you that recent regulations imposed by various governments will have an impact on our deliveries.
For the EU, we can no longer send games outside of France. All orders to foreign countries will be processed as soon as the situation allows it.
Even you, French soldiers, we invite you to be patient with delivery times as they will be longer than usual.
In Australia, most orders have gone out and most backers have received their orders. Shipments to New Zealand have been stopped at this time, but we’re working to find alternate solutions. We’ll let you know once we have a confirmed project completion from the center.

We thank you for your support and patience through all of this.
Please stay safe and know that we’re here working for you.

posted by yann the [09/04/2020]

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4 Comments on “DPG warehouse under attack”

  1. avatar 4. johanvg said :

    i ordered stuff 27/4 (i did it before i read this news), and the order and payment went. What does this mean? I wait a bit longer (no problem for me) or the order cancels and i get a refund?

  2. avatar 3. Mustermann said :

    Why are you not able to send it to Germany? Are the COVID-19 regulations that strong?

  3. avatar 2. wrb1985 said :

    Stay safe, stay healthy!

  4. avatar 1. Thalum said :

    Longue vie aux cochons ! 😉