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Compendium: english version available

Hello everybody,

The english version of the Compendium is available, so, you can proofread it if you want, but some rules must be respected.

You can download it here (Word): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69480145/Compendium-Regles-totale-sans%20images_Eng.docx

You can download it here (PDF): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/69480145/Compendium-Rules-without-picture_Eng.pdf

We build a special forum section in which, you have one topic per chapter: http://www.devil-pig-games.com/en/forum/?action=viewforum&f=53.0

You can send us all your remarks (spelling typos, rules, if you need more examples, etc.). For that, please use one of these ways:
– download the PDF version and add notes
– download the word version and add notes
– post remarks on the forum

posted by Axel the [07/11/2016]

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12 Comments on “Compendium: english version available”

  1. avatar 12. RafaelRamus said :

    Great news! Looking forward to it!

  2. avatar 11. Raphael said :

    A new version of the Compendium will be downloadable soon

  3. avatar 10. Believer said :

    The Word and PDF links are not working! Error 404 pops up. 🙁 The downloadable Compendium is only 28 pages but someone gave me info from the Compendium rules page 43…?!

  4. avatar 9. von_meyer said :

    Hi, the Dropbox links don’t appear to be working…

  5. avatar 8. TytanowyJanusz said :

    Why, in compendium pdf isn’t picture?? where I can find compendium with pictures and axample?

  6. avatar 7. Nyarla said :

    pdf will not download in dropbox. I keep getting an 404 error.

  7. avatar 6. Axel said :

    The Compendium will be available as a book (limited quantites and maybe a new print if necessary), we will release at the same time the new rules booklet in PDF.

  8. avatar 5. Archon77 said :

    Will we be getting the compendium in book form in the near future or just in download form?

  9. avatar 4. Axel said :

    The problem is solved.

  10. avatar 3. LionSaurus said :

    PDF link is not working. Nice compendium C=

  11. avatar 2. LionSaurus said :

    The PDF file gives 404 error. Does not seem to be a working link.

  12. avatar 1. harley said :

    pdf will not download in dropbox. I keep getting an 404 error.