New version of the rules


We just put the final point to the new version of the rules!

You will find a new layout in some sections, text changes to make clearer the rules, illustrations to clarify certain points or even rule changes. As an example, units with a firing arc will receive a Suppressed marker if an attack is carried out against it by the back!

Nous tenons à vous remercier car grâce à nos échanges, certains règles ont été ajoutées et d’autres modifiées ! Les unités d’infanterie peuvent maintenant passer entre 2 tuiles Bâtiment collées l’une à l’autre !

One last thing :follow the pig!



posted by Axel the [22/05/2014]

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4 Comments on “New version of the rules”

  1. avatar 4. beleg01 said :

    Merci Axel d’avoir mis en téléchargement les Règles 1.2 de Heroes of Normandie.
    Vivement que je puisse commander le livret en dur, via la boutique !!

  2. avatar 3. Axel said :

    In the release of June, it´s the first version, as misprints because the core box were printed before corrections. About rules, we will print new rules booklet and you will can buy it in our shop in few months.

  3. avatar 2. rastatata said :

    Will it be included in public version available in June – or there will be older rulebook in the box?

    what about misprints on some materials? will they be corrected in public release?

  4. avatar 1. ScottE said :

    Will you be printing a new edition of the rules so we can order a new one? A printed rulebook is so much nicer then a PDF printed on a crappy home printer. 🙂