FAQ Kharnage


What are the little black and grey symbols at the right of the Unit name?
It is the Unit type. These symbols may interact with some rules, like the Large Unit skill or the Master of Spiders skill (Tricks&Mercenaries expansion). These symbols have no common rules for themself, they are just an information.

Sometimes, it is written “turn” and other times, “round”, what is the difference?
There is no difference, they have the same meaning.


Attack: Do we total 2 attacks of the same type (like 2 Melee Attack)?
No, each attack is resolved independently of the others.

Attack: Does the unused Strenght points stay on a Unit if I made a second Attack against it?
No, to destroy a unit, it must be destroyed in a single attack.

Magic Attack: If I have no Ranged or Melee Attack symbols, but I have Magic Attack symbols, can I still resolve my Attacks?
Yes, we consider that you have 0 Melee Attack / Ranged Attack symbols + your Magic Attack symbols. The Attack type remains the starting one, you can not turn a Melee Attack into Ranged Attack by this way, but the Magic Attack is NOT a Melee or Ranged Attack.

Surprise Magic Attack: I deploy a Unit with 3 Suprise Magic Attack symbols, which Attack must I do?
The Magic Attack can be made as a Melee or Ranged Attack. So, you can attack any Army with your 3 Strength points.

Discard: What does “Discard” means?
All discarded cards go directly on the Hill. If a power or skill indicates that a Unit is discarded, it goes directly on the Hill and does not count in the destroyed card count at the end of the round.

Black reinforcement: The rules say I can play a card from my hand (General, Unit, Large Unit), but I only have my General, how do I get others?
Except your General(s), the other cards will be Kradwallon cards (Tricks and Mercenaries) found in the Tricks&Mercenaries expansion.

Black reinforcement: When there is a Black reinforcement on my unit (as on the Paolo il Condottiere card, expansion Tricks&Mercenaries), do I draw in the Kradwallon pile?
You do not have to, you can also play a Mercenary unit from your hand (basic rule).

Surprise: I have deployed a Unit with the Surprise symbol associated with an Attack symbol, when resolving the Attacks on my Strategy card, will this unit be able to attack again?
Yes! For example, my Dwarf Furies performs a Surprise Melee Attack with a Strength power of 2, then I have 2 Melee Attacks on my Strategy Card #540, so my Dwarf Furies will attack again during each Melee Attack. In total, they will have attacked 3 times during this round.


Shield: Do we count the number of symbols on the card or on the entire Army?
Only on the card.

Knight: How to identify a Knight unit?
These are the units with the Knight skill, regardless of their name or type (small gray symbol at the right of the name).

Large unit: Should I put all the cards composing the unit or just one of them in my Reserve draw pile?
You have to put all the cards.

Large unit: If I deploy a card that is part of a Large Unit, I have to take the other piece or pieces of this Unit in the corresponding pile. But if one or more of the pieces are in my Reinforcement Draw pile, do I have to draw one or more cards to compensate?
No, it’s a pity, the Large Unity will have cost 2 cards of the Reinforcement Draw pile to be deployed.

Muck slinging: when does Muck slinging come into play?
This skill takes effect after each Ranged Attack.

Smashing through: What type of Attack is it?
These are Melee Attacks.

Strategy Cards

Fill’em up! (Dwarf): How long does the Away effect last?
Until the end of the round.

Howling Charge! (Orc): What do you mean by Unit of your choice?
Any of those in your Army, without any distinction. Do not take into account the type of the Unit (small gray symbol to the right of the name) or the name of it.

Grudge (Dwarf): Can I make 3 new Attacks, one Melee, one Magic and one Ranged?
Yes, count first the number of Melee Attack symbols linked to a Surprise symbol in your Army and make your Melee Attack against any Army at range, then do the same for the Magic and Ranged Attacks. Each Attack can be made against a different Army each time.

Expansion “The Dark Rampage”

Intangible: If there is only Intangible units remaining, is it a Kharnage?
No, because there is again some units which are not Away in this Army.

Intangible : If there is only Intangible units remaining, can I make Melee attack against the next opponent and go through the undead army?
Yes, we consider the undead army empty for this special case.

Expansion “The Devil Pigs”

Bombing : Do the Bombing symbols reactivated during each Ranged attack?
No, only after attacks present on a Strategy card, if this one has Bombing symbols.

Expansion “Tricks & Mercenaries”

Is it necessary to shuffle the Tricks and the Mercenaries together to make a common draw pile for all the players?

How do I add the new cards for each Army?
Add the cards in the Reserve draw pile corresponding to the respective Armies.

Murphy the Donkey: What is the power of the Broken Kharnage token?
It cancels a Kharnage that should have taken place in the Army where it is deployed.

Cannonball: May a unit with this skill be able to throw itself?

Cannonball: May a unit with this skill be able to a 2-cards unit?

Sparkling Phalanx: If the second part is in the hand of another player when I am playing it, must he announce it and surrender it from his hand?

Exclusive expansion “It’s so big!”

How do I add them?
Add the cards in the Reserve draw pile corresponding to the respective Armies.

Exclusive expansion “Guest-1”

How do I add them?
Add the mercenary cards to the Kradwallon draw pile (Tricks & Mercenaries) and add the other unit cards to their respective Reserve draw pile.

Some cards have a crown like the Generals but a red flag on the back, how to use them?
You can:
– replace the General(s) by these (Abbamama replaces the 2 goblin Generals);
– add them to your units.

Exclusive expansion “Cthulhu”

Where are the rules for this extension?
Here: Kharnage-Règles additionnelles

Promotional card “Cohen Junior”

Where are the rules for this extension?
Here: Kharnage-Règles additionnelles

Variant “2-3 players with ghost”

Where are the rules for this extension?
Here: Kharnage-Règles additionnelles

When the rules say that the Surprise symbols present on Attack symbols are applied to all armies in range, is it without dividing the Power?