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Errata #3 Minor Error
Errata #3 Minor Error Posted on [17/03/2017] à 00:45

My Resupply order arrived earlier in the week. I've been going through the Errata boards to get everything where it needs to go. Towards the end, I noticed that my Panzergruppe recruitment tile had the French instructions for punching the tiles printed across the middle of the recruitment tile. Not a huge deal but a bit disappointing since it's replacing a misprinted tile with another misprinted tile, though it is playable.

Did any one else get this or did I win the lottery?

Errata #3 Minor Error Posted on [17/03/2017] à 06:16

I don't have the product as I elected for single wave shipping. However your friendly neighbour hood moderator Nostra did chime in some weeks ago mentioning this issue. So I don't think your alone and from what I gather from Nostra's post single wave shipping will likely also have this error.

Errata #3 Minor Error Posted on [17/03/2017] à 18:58

I do not have any concrete statement one way or the other, but usually all copies of a given item are printed at the same time — since the printing machine has to be "set up" to print the material. Granted, these says everything is digital and swapping is easier, but it makes sense.

There are opposing factors such as storage fees for materials printed earlier but that are waiting for later material before they are shipped out, so there may be a chance the master image is changed, but I just would not count on it.

Remember: Tracer rounds work both ways!

Errata #3 Minor Error Posted on [20/03/2017] à 18:47

Concerning the Errata board, a last mouse movement after the last verification and the error occured 🙁 It is like this for everyone.

Community Manager Devil Pig Games

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