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[A!C] Typos in the AC rules
Small typos in the AC rules Posted on [17/04/2014] à 12:10


I found a few things, which should be change in the AC rules .pdf:

1. Dreamland Gate:

..In any Reserve phase,

place the token on an interspace,

anywhere on the board…

-> I thing you mean Supply phase

Units that travel this way have to make

a Terror test event if they don’t have a

Suppressed token.

-> I think you mean even

2. More "Reserve Phases" in:

– Finding Hidden Objects

– Bag of Madnesses Catatonia

– Enchant Unit (2) 2 times

– Bind Zombies (1)

– Open Portal (3)

– Paralyze (1)

3. Missing letters:

– Life Drain:

Once the spell is cast, the

– Enchant Unit:

The character must have a clear Line of Sight to it,

3. Sorry, I do not understand this rule:


Place the token on the

chosen space, adjacent to the unit. The

token replaces the nature of the space.

Units inside the space aren’t affected.

Being on the changed space,
crossing it

or firing through it, requires a Terror test

if the active unit has Suppressed tokens.

-> Are they effected or not? and for what is the Range 1?

Anyway I am pretty exited to play this variant :mrgreen:

and I can not wait until the full box comes out.

I hope we will see a special Mythos bag for the counters and mythos dice. 😉

All the best


Small typos in the AC rules Posted on [17/04/2014] à 12:33

Thank you. I'll make the corrections tomorrow.

Small typos in the AC rules Posted on [17/04/2014] à 20:44

Did the Muntant Zombie lost its reach 1?

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