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Assault (Long Distance) and buildings.
Assault (Long Distance) and buildings. Posted on [13/05/2017] à 14:17

Can you use long distance assault through the window of a building?

Assault (Long Distance) and buildings. Posted on [13/05/2017] à 22:13

Another excellent question. This one is clarified in the Compendium (and thus should be in HoN rules v2.0 once that is finally released).

A unit with Long Distance assault must be standing in front of an opening and may then attack a unit inside the building. In that case you do not count the half square "margin"around the outside of the building against the range. This is all consistent with the rules for grenades, which is great for those trying to apply rules to corner cases. 🙂

While on the subject, the compendium also mentions that a unit with a combination of Long Distance Assault and Brutal Assault or Assault on the Move may combine those abilities if applicable. In the case of Brutal + Move you can carry out several assaults in the same movement action, and in the case of Long Distance + Brutal, the attacker does not need to cover the enemy tokens, but cannot take their place if it wins (even if covering one of its targets).

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Assault (Long Distance) and buildings. Posted on [14/05/2017] à 05:58

Thanks, much appreciated.

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