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Campaign using everything
My big DIY campaign Posted on [22/05/2017] à 09:21

I have started a new campaign of HoN/SoN with the following intention:

1) Use all maps at least once (I own every map that has appeared so far). I have divided the campaign map into roughly 26 areas with a theme (Harbour, beach, bocage, hills, wide river and so on) so I know which map pieces I will use to build the battle map (usually 6 map pieces in size).

2) Use all HoN/SoN units and heroes in the campaign (I own every unit that has appeared so far). Allies use every US, UK and french unit. AXIS use every German, cultist and deep one faction unit. Allies have a numerical advantage here, but they are attacking many fortified positions during the campaign, so that should even out a bit.

3) Battle of Mortals: Every hero, troop and vehicle in the campaign that is killed/destroyed is out of the campaign for good. No second chances (expect with that Hitlerjugend card…). I have made a list of every hero/troop in the game and I will cross over any dead hero/troop/vehicle that dies.

Wounded heroes/reduced troops/damaged vehicles will heal/repair back to full health between the games to avoid too much book keeping.

4)Battle of veterans: Many heroes (those with an option slot with a white edge) will be getting better during the campaign if they survive games. All heroes start at level 0. Each game they survive, they will go up 1 level (up to a maximum of level 3). When they go up 1 level, I will draw a random option from my "bag of leveling" (all the search option counters) and give that to the hero to keep all the campaign. The level up counters and level prizes are free during the army building phase, so they will not add to the veteran heroes point cost. Example: Ilda has survived 2 games now, so she comes with Expert assault (+2) and grenade (1) counters for free. If she survives a third game, she will get a third bonus counter. She use all of these bonus abilities/equipment in every game she participates in.

5) Flexible army building: I have formed 10 allied Task Forces and 8 German Kampfgruppes from the available units (example KG Gruber contains all Lehr units, half of German unaffiliated options and most of German unaffiliated heroes. Another example TF Pegasus contains all UK paratrooper units and Lady Britain) When the platoos start taking casualties I need to be flexible how to include the remaining units in the platoon. I will need to mix up the remnant troops a bit. If platoons Oberst/Lieutenant is killed, I will assing a free hero or NCO as the new leader that inherits the dead leaders command stars. If the platoon has taken too heavy casualties, I will use the remaining troops to reinforce another platoon instead.

6) I have formed a rough storyline through which I have assinged the german Kampfgruppes to defend various parts of the map (KG Gruber for example defends the Harbour area and the fields area behind it. It will retreat towards the wide river area when the casualties build up). The allied Task Forces are given target areas to attack and a plan of movement (TF Wolverine (US 4th Inf.Div. units) is tasked to attack the Harbor area and then support TF Greyhound (US 4th Arm.Div. units) as it will try to break out from the Harbour area. The final objective is the Town area held By KG Hanreich (SS troops).

The storyline revolves around a mad plan Von Kamptz has come up with to turn the battle of France into a victory for the germans. He wants use the serum made by dr. Lovecraft and perfected by Nachtwölfe scientist Totenmeister to raise an army of zombies behind the allied lines to break allies morale and to cut the allied supply lines. To be able to spread the gaseous version of the serum the germans need to summon a powerful air entity called a Djinn. The book needed to summon the Djinn is somewhere in the desert of Africa. A french argeologist supported by Black Sun is searching the book. Once they find it, they will open a portal and move the book to france. Another 3 books are needed to complete the ritual at its strongest level. The ritual can be completed By just 1 book, but then it is a weak version of it. More books the better.

Plan B is to summon Cthulhu to deny the sea borne supplies to the allies (and possibly to end the world as we know it).

The three other books are on their way to the germans: Cultes des Ghoules was found in italy and has been brought in by U-boat to france (along with the books owner, Mussolini.

Codex Aeneas is in a german occultists private collection. The occultist, Göering, is coming in an armoured train and is expected to arrive soon to the campaign area.

Finally, the third book, Liber Ivonis, is being brought in By a chinese cultist, Green Rascal. Nobody knows when or how he will arrive (Comeon second wave! I'm waiting!). Probably by a magical means.

Majestic and Section M have been following the german communications and know about the ritual, so they have gathered all the forces they could and have put together an invasion plan to stop the german sorcerers and the ritual.

7) Then I will just play a series of games to see what happens in the end. Will the Germans manage to do the Ritual or will Allies manage to thwart it?

So far I have played 6 games in the campaign:

1. Beach assault: British infantry units of TF Bulldog stormed a beach held By KG Schelling elements.

2. Cliffs climbing: Rangers of TF Wolfhound tried to take a Lehr artillery position on top of a sheer cliffs in preparation of the Harbour assault.

3. Harbour assault: US TF Wolverine assaulted the harbour defended By Lehr units of KG Gruber. Because US forces failed to destroy the artillery pieces during the previous game I mixed 4 artillery cards into german deck.

4. The cove: Ilda, with units of gestapo, SS and grenadiers is following a pair of Section M operatives and chases them to the cove with a lighthouse where the operatives make their last stand. Ventura arrives to the cove with a full load of British commandos to thwart the german attack.

5. US paratroopers use gliders and parachutes to land in the hills surrounding the underground laboratory of Lovecarft. Elements of KG Heydte go out to meet them. Elite paratroopers on both sides with the paratrooper cards added to both sides decks.

6. Another US paratrooper landing near the old graveyard area. Ilda, gestapo cronies, remnant SS men and Friedenthal commandos rush in to defend the graveyard that contains the secret back exit to the underground laboratory.

7. My next game takes me to the landing zone of the British paratroopers as they land gliders close to their target area: the abandoned factory and train station that the Section M operatives have reported containing a strange german unit: the Black Sun. Do I hear an armoured train approaching?

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Big DIY campaign Posted on [22/05/2017] à 12:25

I want to clarify the point 5 a bit: flexible army building.

Right now the SS-Panzergrenadiere I.Battalion has taken grievous losses over 2 games they have taken part. The platoon was not large one to begin with and now, after 2 games, they are reduced juts to Ob. Hessler and one SS-MG group. So that platoon is gone.

Ildas platoon has taken moderate losses over 2 games:

The Leibwächter is dead, one Gestapo group from Hundestaffel is gone and the Inspektor from Untersuchung is gone too.

So, right now I will put the SS-survivors into Ildas platoon as replacements: the SS-MG group will be taking the Gestapo groups Place in the Hundestaffel bringing it to full strength.

Ob. Hessler will take Inspektors place in the Untersuchung.

Thus, the only thing missing from Ildas platoon is her bodyguard.

Also, if any german platoon gets it's leader killed, Ob. Hessler could instead act as a replacement leader for that platoon.

The command struncture is pretty vulnerable in the campaign mode, so I need to be extra careful not to get my platoon leaders killed.

I plan to use the Sergeants and Feldwebels from the upcoming gazette #6 as replacement platoon leaders, so I'm really looking forward to that Gazette coming! Until then I need to be careful with my platoon leaders!

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Big DIY campaign Posted on [22/05/2017] à 15:05

Also, I shouldn't have named my post "Big DIY campaign"… A reader might get the wrong impression that there is actual rules for actual campaign here instead of my incoherent ramblings… Sorry!

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Big DIY campaign Posted on [23/05/2017] à 12:46

Next game (game 7) sees my very first HoN army vs. SoN army. I haven't really played many mythos games and haven't tried how HoN style army vs. SoN style army works before.

So the British paratroopers (supported with Lady Britain) make combined glider landing and parachute drop. This army uses british HoN deck with British Para cards added.


Black Sun platoon / pair of BS Masters supported by Lehr panzergrenadier platoon. Many spells. This army uses Black Sun SoN deck. (there were so many british paras against so few BS troops that I needed to add some regular panzergrenadiers in the mix).

The terrain is a forest with the glider on the map as german objective (Pegasus Bridge map set). 700 points on both sides with staggered reinforcements arriving so not all troops are on the map at the start.

Now I will see how well the two games mix together and which army has the advantage.

EDIT: As I was building the German army for this scenario, I also kept in mind the backround story behind the campaign. The Black Sun forces are quite small (only 2 platoons), so I thought they needed a bit of boost before engaging the British paratroopers (4 platoons). So after deciding to reinforce them a bit, I thought about the campaign forces, who was where in the campaign map. The Lehr forces (Kampfgruppe Gruber) are sort of close to the Black Sun area, so I decided to move one Lehr platoon to Black Sun's help.

Then I thought that the Lehr platoon should be mounted on half tracks because they could not reach the forest area on foot in time for the British paradrops.

After the battle of the Harbour, The Lehr platoon with the half tracks (I.batt. Rgt.902) had taken heavy casualties already, so were in no shape to reinforce the Black Sun. Since their halftracks (Mechanisierte option) were both still intact, I decided to "break the armybuilding rules" and came up with a solution: I sent II.batt. Rgt.901 with Ambush group (Ob. Von Haeften, 3 Recon groups, 1 Fire group, 1 MG42 group and 1 Panzerschreck group) and added the Mechanisierte option to this platoon (even if it really belongs to another platoon) to give 2 half tracks to the platoon.

Then I added Zündapp and a Puma options to round out a nice, mobile Konvoi that could reach the forest area in time (or not, I added to the next game a rule that their arrival depends on a roll of a die. So they might come in time or might not).

I will use this kind of flexibility in building the armies for the scenario even if it breaks the army building rules a bit (wrong border colours for options or wrong army symbols).

As the casualties continue to rise, I will need this kind of flexibility to keep the remaining forces battleworthy as the campaign goes on.

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Campaign using everything Posted on [24/05/2017] à 11:03

A bit of a side note: About the Dust punchboard.

Since I'm using everything I own (which is everything that has come out), that includes the Dust punchboard.

Dust US troops represent in my campaign an elite Majestic combat force that has been operating in the USA, investigating any Mythos threat there. Their weapons and equipment represent the very best technology available. Power suits and walking tanks are prototypes that cannot be mass produced due to lack of exotic material needed for the power plants. The material is non-terrestrial in origin, so it's a bit hard to come by anymore.

Dust AXIS troops represent Nachtwölfe scientists and engineers that are in france at the behest of Von Kampft, helping doctor Lovecraft to weaponize his serum. Their walking tanks are prototype weapons that cannot be mass produced due to critical lack of material for the power plants (Majestic "acquired" a NW walking tank during an operation in antarctis and that has been the source of Majestics own Walker Project).

Anyway, as the Majestic troops are supposed to be seasoned hunters of Mythos, I plan to give "Mythos Hunter +1" ability to all Dust US pieces. I propably will increase the cost of any Dust US options by +5 points in games where there are opposing Mythos manifestations.

And, as the Dust Axis troops are supposed to be Nachtwölfe (offshoot of the Black Sun), it would make sense for them to be Mythos manifestations. So I will give all Dust Axis units "Mythos manifestation level 0" ability.

I will propably give the Axis zombies greater manifestation level as they are zombies. Totenmeister propably deserves greater manifestation level too.

I will not increase the point costs of level 0 troops, but should increase the others a bit?

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Campaign using everything Posted on [26/05/2017] à 08:08

I finished the HoN vs. SoN game. The British and Polish paratroopers were victorious! Sorcerer Egon is dead.

I used british HoN deck with Red Devils cards added vs. Black Sun deck pared down to 40 cards.

I think the HoN vs. SoN game works well together. I saw no big broblems integrating the games together. The magic rules were not overpowering. In fact only 1 Madness chit was drawn during the game. Polish paratroopers suicided after seeing Nyarly troops while landing on their parachutes. That paradrop giving suppression token when landing on a rough ground is really bad news against Mythos manifestos…

The game was really close, but in the end those Red Devils were just so bad a** that their ranks held firm even against Nyarly servitors and a random Mi-Go summoned from an interdimensional gate.

The german sorcerers were tough, but the recovery from casting a spell is perilous time for them.

I loved the Mythos vs. regular game.

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Campaign using everything Posted on [26/05/2017] à 09:56

Don't forget to share the campaign, I think some people will be interested by 😉

En recherche de stage maquettiste

Campaign using everything Posted on [31/05/2017] à 10:32

So, I've gotten to a point in the campaign where one of the formations has taken so many casualties that it has become mostly useless. I think I can get one more game out of it…

Kampfgruppe Schelling has only a few troops left:

Feldkommand: "Alv" Schelling

Panzergruppe (21pz): Stug IV and SutH 42G

Panzer-aufklärung (21pz): Ob. Müller (sole survivor!)

Panzergrenadiere (21pz): Von Hülsen, Recon group, Fire group

Festungskompagnie: Ob. Dern, 2 x MG42 HMG

101. Jäger Div.: Steiner, MG42 HMG, 7.5cm IG18 gun

Kampfgruppe support: SdKfz 10/5, 7.5cm IG18 gun, Spotter, 1 x Minensucher, Opel Blitz, Panzer II Luchs

I decided to send some reinforcements in so that the remnants still have a fighting chance.

Schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 101:

Wittmans Tiger, Tiger I with Von Ballot and Otto with his Tiger

Last game the brits spanked KG Schelling pretty hard while doing a river crossing. The germans lost 3 Panthers while the brits didn't lost any tanks (3 brit tanks had taken hits, but no kills).

The germans managed to blow up the bridge, but the brits had Ark, so managed to do a river crossing anyway. Now the KG prepares for the last stand. They have to take out as many brit tanks as they can or the brits will be running all over the town with them. The brits have lost lots of infantry and light recon vehicles, but no tanks so far.

After this game the Kampfgruppe Shelling will be retired and any remaining assets will be given to other german units. So it's a time for the swansong!

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Campaign using everything Posted on [06/06/2017] à 13:58

Before the big 3 Tiger game, I played a Lehr vs. US 4th armoured game. The yanks were given a bloody nose. But they still have a lot more tanks than Lehr, so the battle will continue…

Now that I've had several games in the campaign, a few veterans have started to emerge. Every hero, who has at least 1 equipment slot (even if the slot doesn't have white or green border) will get 1 experience level after he or she survives a game (up to maximum of level 3). Each time a hero gains level, I will draw a skill or equipment from my bag of experience (you might know it as the search bag). For special mythos related heroes, I might give a random green bordered equipment instead of the normal white bordered equipment. I'll make the choise case by case.

So far I have 2 heroes to survive 2 games, so they are at level 2 now.

Ilda the she-wolf has acquired Assault (expert) +2 skill and 1xGrenade.

Big Joe has acquired a flamethrower and has learned to swim with it too (amphibious).

Lady Britain got a dreamlands gate as her level 1 "skill". It's risky to use, but might become handy.

Master Horst, meanwhile, has his personal flask filled with Eldricht ichor.

I have a total of 19 heroes, who have advanced to level 1 and 2 heroes in level 2.

If a hero dies, he's gone from the campaign and his extra equipment go back to the bag of experience for some other hero to use.

All these extra skills and equipment will be free and won't cost anything for the hero during the army building… They can also purchase other equipment they're normally allowed, but have to pay for those.

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Campaign using everything Posted on [07/06/2017] à 14:24

Since all my games during the campaign I come up with are made up on the spot, I have played various style of games. Beach landing with random attackers coming in (as suggested By the DD book), paratroopers landing on random part of the map, gliders coming in on random time and random map edge.

The one thing I have experimented with are "rolling map" scenarios. I set up a map (3×2), play a game until I feel the defenders might want to pull back (to avoid casualties). then I remove 2 map pieces on the attackers end and add 2 new map pieces on defenders end. All the terrain and destroyed vehicles stay on the map, but I set up attackers and defenders remaining forces on new set up zones (I imagine both sides take a break to move wounded and re supply ammo). I add new units to both sides and have a go again. After awhile I roll the map a second time and set up again with final reinforcements and final play.

I played the UK desert rats vs. 21pz this way. The germans took a good beating and lost 3 Panther tanks and a bunch of light vehicles and troops, but managed to blow the target bridge to cover their retreat.

It was a good enough game, but I was not totally happy with how the "rolling map" scenario worked.

I'm trying a new two-part "rolling map" scenario next. UK paratroopers vs. Black sun.

First part is 600 pts paratroopers attacking a factory building and few houses around it. The BS defenders have 600 pts too.

When the first part is done, I roll the map (remove 2 map pieces on the left side and add train station to the right side. I add 700 points of defenders (including the just arriving armoured train with the main target: sorcerer Goering and the book Codex Aesinas).

700 points of paratroopers are then added to the attacking force as they are trying to capture the magic book so that it cannot be used in the upcoming ritual.

I'll see if I can get the rolling map scenario right this time. I might even roll the map a second time to see if Goering manages to escape. I'll improvise as always. If the brits win this and get the book, It'll make the upcoming ritual weaker (4 books used in the ritual = bad news for the allied troops in Normandy. Fewer books available to germans, weaker the ritual is.)

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Campaign using everything Posted on [12/06/2017] à 14:20

Played my first "real" SoN game:

Rangers of the Lost Battalion vs. Deep ones in a swamp village.

Man, those Deep ones move fast in the swamp! The rangers were hard pressed to keep up.

Father Ted was a real bad a**!

Doc (from Millers rangers) had it rough. First some ranger team that had wounded got real paranoid and shot at Doc when he came over to help the wounded (Doc was saved by his helmet) then some Deep one hunters burst through the huts window and took him down.

The rangers had to retreat at that point. The accurate fire from Devil Boy (who was escorting Magnus) kept the Deep ones from overwhelming the remaining rangers.

Since I did not know what the symbol in Devil Boys counter meant (could not find it in any of the rulebooks) I decided it meant that for a shooting action Devil Boy can shoot twice. That really helped to stop the Deep one assault. The rangers had to run away from the village though.

I need to come up with some punishment for them failing to take the village.

Started the next game already: British tank assault vs. 3 Tigers.

So far the brits have lost 1 Sherman while germans have lost Panzer II, StuG and StuH. And Otto's Tiger was destroyed by a british 6 pounder AT gun… Now there are only Wittmans tiger and a second tiger piloted by Von Ballot left. Brits still have 6 tanks alive…

I rolled the map (removed 2 map pieces from british side and added 2 new map pieces to german side) to give the 2 Tigers some maneuvering room and will now continue the game.

This is the first time I'm using the Tigers and already lost 1 without it even firing a single shot. Otto is now pretty angry, on foot and carrying magnetic mines. He wants some revenge now! I had the foresight of buying magnetic mines for Otto. Looks like he's gonna need them.

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Campaign using everything Posted on [13/06/2017] à 09:18

This is getting a bit ridiculous!

Von ballots tiger was one-shotted by a Firefly! That's a second tiger to die without firing a shot in anger…

Also, Otto ran up to Hobarts Cromwell and planted 3 magnetic mines. Tracks blew off, main gun destroyed and a hole in the hull. The Cromwell is still alive, barely.

Another Cromwell drove through a bocage and was fired, twice, by Wittmans tiger. First hole was fixed with some duck tape (repair card) and Tigers second shot opened up a second hole in the hull.

German tanks seem to die from a tiniest scratch, but british tanks endure through anything thrown at them. I have even the SS mechanic in the battle, but the Tigers blow straight up without taking any damage, so he has nothing to repair. I'm keeping him beside Wittmans tiger, just in case.

And here I thought 3 Tigers would show the brits how it's done…

Time to retreat with Wittmans tiger to preserve it for another fight. Need to find new tanks for Otto and Von Ballot too, if they survive the retreat.

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Campaign using everything Posted on [13/06/2017] à 19:47

Quote from Colhammer on [13/06/2017] à 09:18

This is getting a bit ridiculous!

Von ballots tiger was one-shotted by a Firefly! That's a second tiger to die without firing a shot in anger…

You have better Tiger fighting luck than I do, I can tell you that 😉

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Campaign using everything Posted on [14/06/2017] à 08:04

Well, yes, I guess I have…

I finished the game and Wittman managed to kill a Sherman and a Cromwell.

The Firefly sneaked forward and saw retreating Tiger through a gap in the bocage. A flank shot goes through the existing hole and kills the tiger.

That was the last tiger in the campaign.

Hobarts cromwell that took 3 magnetic mines was finished by the last panzerfaust the germans had, so the brits ended up losing 3 tanks while the germans lost 5 heavy tanks and 1 light tank.

Now the brits are regrouping and preparing to assault the town. The brits have lost a lot of men so far, so I need to rearrange the remaining infantry platoons a bit. Lovat's commandos (those that are left after the massacre in the cove) will take point, supported by the heaviest arsenal the brits have (Churchill, Churchill AVRE, Churchill crocodile).

The town will have french civilians in the houses, so the brits need to be careful how they take on the SS-men defending the town.

I haven't played any city fights yet, so I'm glad to finally reach the town in the campaign.

Other parts of the town (it is divided into 4 areas: north SS HQ, center river crossing, south gestapo HQ and church areas):

The town area around the church contains french cultists, and the FFI are prepared to move in and rescue the civilians held captive there. But I cannot play that game before wave 2 comes in and I get the Green Rascal and the cultist card deck and tokens. So please hurry up with the wave 2! 😆

EDIT: Also, this campaign has taken place during a single day. The evening is now approaching and the fight in the town will take place in the gloom of evening. Soon the night rules start to take effect in future games…

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Campaign using everything Posted on [15/06/2017] à 08:58

Now, that my campaign has gone on for 12 games, the losses are starting to mount:

ALLIED total strength left: 473

BR TF Pegasus (paras) 90% effective

BR TF Bulldog (infantry) 65%

BR TF Bulldog (armour) 76%

BR TF Mongoose (Commandos) 61%

BR TF Badger (SAS) 100%

US TF Wolfhound (Rangers) 81%

US TF Eagle (paras) 76%

US TF Wolverine (4th inf) 86%

US TF Greyhound (4th arm) 72%

FFI TF Bastien 100%

AXIS total strength left: 300

KG Gruber (Lehr) 64%

KG Schelling (various) 13%

KG Hanreich (SS) 78%

KG Heydte (FSJG) 80%

KG Hachtenbach (BS) 78%

Cult of Cthulhu 100%

Deep ones 62%

The numbers are:

Total strength left: how many heroes, teams and vehicles are still alive.

% effective: How many percent of unit still intact.

Not included in these numbers are summoned creatures (all monsters) and zombies. So the german strength will be effectively higher when they summon monsters on the battlefield and when the germans sprung their trap (they will plant gaseous form of the Lovecrafts serum developed by Totenmeister on 2 graveyards to wake up the dead buried there. I will not bother to count the zombies, so they will be effectively endless.

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Campaign using everything Posted on [06/10/2017] à 12:48

I`ve just read the thread.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and your creativity. I wonder how many games have you got since the first one… I going to start my own campaign based on the Achtung Chtulhu´s adventure "Three Kings" It has just four scenarios, and I've got a lot of time spent calculating armies and points and consequences of victories or withdraws and all this stuff…

By the way, have you played any scenario in the desert? I'm sure you've mentioned a book in North Africa that is almost compulsory having it in order to summmon a Djinn.

Looking forward to reading more about that.

Regards from Spain

Campaign using everything Posted on [06/10/2017] à 19:00

I'd just like to chime in and say thanks for documenting your campaign. It's really exciting and inspiring 🙂

Campaign using everything Posted on [07/10/2017] à 23:22

Yes, I have played a game in the desert (SAS/Sec M vs. Bedouins/DS). It was fun to play in the desert for a change. The allies won that one and are moving towards the dig site.

My campaing has been on hold as I have been waiting for the gazettes and Shadow hunters to come out. The Cthulhu cultists need the Mi-Go support!

I might have to rethink my campaign though. When the casualties start to mount, it gets harder to build a good army and have an interesting game that is not too one sided (the germans have been taking a good beating and they started the campaign severely outnumbered).

So I might need to start over with more thought about the composition of the forces and some kind of reinforcement system added to keep things interesting. Or even give up on the idea of everybody being out of the game when killed. I think I will allow the mooks to come back and only the heroes being mortal. I liked the experience system though.

I also need to focus the story more tighter. With effectively 3 fronts in the campaign (British, American army and Rangers) the focus of the story jumped too much around. I might need to drop the British army and airborne stuff and focus more on the americans vs. germans story.

It was fun to play these games though, so I will definently continue to play a campaign style games.

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

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