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Grenades/rifle grenades
Greandes/rifle grenades Posted on [05/06/2017] à 23:17

With the interspaces apparently being the key to planning a grenade attack…I,must ask if an individual unit…such as that mg-42 that is giving your troops hell ..be targeted? If so….what are the mechanics?


Greandes/rifle greandes Posted on [06/06/2017] à 00:34

Both with the grenade and rifle grenade all 4 spaces adjecent to the tageted interspace are affected(unless there is a building / bunker).

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Greandes/rifle greandes Posted on [06/06/2017] à 01:39

I thank you…I thought as much….perhaps,that's my problem…overthinking…

Greandes/rifle greandes Posted on [06/06/2017] à 02:52

I have searched high and low…probably missed it….what do the numbers 5-6 mean in the middle of the blast disc?

Greandes/rifle greandes Posted on [06/06/2017] à 03:26


It means a direct hit ie no dispersion to roll, just roll for hit/s.

J. 😎

Greandes/rifle greandes Posted on [06/06/2017] à 03:42

Aha! Thank you!

Grenades/rifle grenades Posted on [06/06/2017] à 06:25

Ok. Just to be clear — You only roll dispersion with a Rifle Grenade, and then only when you are shooting at a target you cannot fire at directly.

According to v1.2b of the rules, if you have Clear LoS to the target, you can use Howitzer (Direct Fire) attack rather than the Indirect Fire attack. You pick the interspace you want and the rifle grenade explodes there. If you do not have Clear LoS to the target, then you use Indirect Fire and there is a chance the rifle grenade will disperse (you have to roll the die).

For a hand-thrown grenade there is no dispersal role. You choose the interspace you want to attack (with or without LoS to the target) and then resolve the attack for any targets under the template.

Note: There is a weird intersection of rules between Howitzer and Indirect Fire that can cause confusion, so keep in mind the range of the Rifle Grenade is a max of 7 interspaces, even when using it in a Direct Fire attack.

The rules for Direct (Howitzer) and Indirect Fire weapons are clarified in the Compendium (and thus in v2.0 of the rules) when those become available. v2.0 rules allow for Clear or Obscured LoS to still use a direct attack, only if you cannot see the intended target do you use Indirect Fire.

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Grenades/rifle grenades Posted on [06/06/2017] à 16:25

Thank you…I certainly will be happy when the compendium releases…

Appreciate everyone's help…

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