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[v1.2] Rules Clarifications
[v1.2] Rules Clarifications Posted on [08/06/2017] à 21:29

This thread will be for clarifications or explanations of v1.x rules

This thread will be closed. As various question threads are answered I will add a link here for easy reference, especially if it seems to be a FAQ.

You can always use the [Search] button to check the forum for more information

Activation Phase

Bluff TokenCannot be given to a unit with a personal order.

Losing an Order tokenYou lose that action phase, so your opponent goes again.

When can I use an Autonomous or Special Order


Heavy Vehicles – When they move over a wrecked Light Vehicle, they inflict one demolition point (v1.2b rules, p. 11, under "Structure"). They can also stop on the wreck if they want.

Heavy VehiclesMay normally capture objectives, unless the scenario say otherwise.

Infantry – Can pass between buildings, but may stop or even assault in such an alley.

RowboatsMove like other vehicles, they just require crew to be able to move.

Firing Action

Bonuses to Shootingonly apply to shooting, not to Assault. Don't forget the Shot Resolution chart on p. 20!

Firing Arcapplies to all weapons on a Heavy Vehicle unless specified otherwise (Churchill Crocodile).

Suppressive FireHow does it work?

Heavy Vehicles – Damage localization roles made on HV's are not affected by Suppressed markers.

Supply Phase

Opportunity Fire – Can I use it in the Supply Phase movement? No.

Extra Action CardsHow do Commando or Airborne cards work?

Terrain and Terrain Overlays

BuildingsHowitzer attacks may fire out of them, however Indirect Fire attacks may not.

Buildings – Multi-room Buildings have Special rules for LoS, grenades, etc.

BunkerYour unit cannot enter a bunker's windows under any circumstances, not even with a special ability or card.

Fords – If there is no symbol indicating a water zone in what would otherwise be a river, it is a Ford. All units can cross that space, including Amphibious units. It is impossible to hide in a Ford (SoN rules, p. 10)

HillsHow do they work?

Stairs with Up ArrowDominant Position

Yellow Obscured LoS Marker – That is a Fields marker and applies mainly to infantry. You can find the rules in Game Help – Battlegrounds. Also covers swamps and mud.


Demolition ChargesCannot be placed by Vehicles.


SharpshooterApplies only to the units base attack, does not modify equipment (grenades, etc.) or cards (Panzerfaust).

TriggerhappyApplied to any shot, including Grenades or Flamethrowers. It can apply to an Airstrike or Artillery card if the card is supplied by a Command Order attached to the same Recruitment tile.

Command Orders

Infiltrated (Miller's Rangers)This order only applies to units from Miller's Rangers.

Special Abilities

You may find the Special Abilities list helpful if you have a question about an unknown Special Ability. It is old, but still helpful.

The Immutable Rule – Only applies to Special Abilities, so a card can violate the rule.

Blitzkrieg – Rules can be found here.

Engineer (3 Gears) – This is the Engineer symbol, found in the D-Day book.

Flamethrower – Rules are in the D-Day book. Rules for Fire are available in the Pointe du Hoc PDF. There is also some clarifications available here. If you assault a flamer you do not have to occupy the space.

Limited Range 0 – Unit cannot shoot at all, but only melee (Assault).

Medic (Red Cross) – This is covered in the Special Abilities list.

NCO Stripes – These denote the NCO ability.

Substitute (Range 2 wound icon) – This is covered in the Special Abilities list.

Urban Fighter (Structure House with White Arrow) – This one is covered in the Special Abilities list.

Action Cards

Fall BackThe Unit stops if it hits Difficult Ground, but is not destroyed.

Geballte LadungIs affected by Return to Sender.

Go! Go! Go!Can only be played during one of your activations, but does not have to include the unit that is activating that phase.

It Bounced Right Off!Affects all shots, including grenade attacks, Artillery, Airstrikes, an flamethrowers. However it only cancels the damage, not any additional affects such as a Suppressed marker from a Flamethrower.

Schnell!Can only be played during one of your activations, but does not have to include the unit that is activating that phase.

Surprise! – If you use this card to assault a unit on the other side of a window and lose the assault, you will need a second Suprise! to avoid being destroyed during the retreat, which counts as a move action.

Thank the HelmetCan be used to avoid a Booby Trap.

You might want to track down a copy of the Unofficial Rewrite, which has cleaned up the rules text a bit and also includes a number of answers to questions in the text.

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