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Spells part 2
Spells part 2 Posted on [31/07/2017] à 02:53

What happens if the caster of a spell dies? Does the spell get removed from play? Does it stay in effect? The rules state that most stay in play unless recast or they have a specific duration.

Spells part 2 Posted on [31/07/2017] à 05:58

Nothing in the rules or threads here, but I did find something.

According to the rules in the Compendium:

When the spell caster is eliminated, all the markers related to his spells are removed from the game and their effects stop.

Summoned creatures remain on the battlefield but become Uncontrolled Creatures in Aggressive mode.

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Spells part 2 Posted on [31/07/2017] à 07:38

Thank you very much.

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