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[DropZone] Marine Ammo?
Errata Drop Zone Posted on [02/02/2018] à 14:07

An error occurred in the Heroes of Black Reach Drop Zone scenario.

Indeed, Malcian doesn’t have the ammo option in this discovery scenario.

This scenario was tested without.

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Errata Drop Zone Posted on [21/02/2018] à 01:00

From Axel on the French forums (thread here). Translation is via Google and my interpretation, so any errors are mine:

The scenario was tested without ammunition, it would unbalance it.

Army points do not guarantee a 100% balance because the smaller the armies, the more special abilities are magnified, while others are weakened. And the opposite is true for large armies.

By making armies roughly balanced in point, you guarantee to have a relatively balanced confrontation.

But, do not worry about a few points of difference!

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