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*** New Forum Members Please Read: Rules Versions ***
*** New Forum Members Please Read *** Posted on [09/02/2018] à 22:51

This section (RULES V2) is for the discussion of Heroes System Tactical Scale(tm) v2.0 rules mechanics.

Currently the core rules are available in the downloads section in the HoS rulebook (link here), but that only includes the mechanics for the materials found in the core box of the game. If you want v2.0 mechanics for any expansions those are currently only found in the Heroes of Normandy Compendium (link here).

If you have the rules from the First Edition Core box of Heroes of Normandy (the version without the Big Red One) and you came here intending to post a question, then I would recommend you first check the ARCHIVES – V1 section, that is the forum of all articles relevant to the 1.x versions of the rules. Especially check out the thread entitled [V1.2] RULES CLARIFICATIONS as your question may well have been addressed there already.

Please note: This does not make your v1.x rules invalid.

The tokens are compatible with both versions of the rules and the v1.x rules work quite well for playing HoN. At some point, all the V1.x manuals will be updates to V2.0 of the rules, and should be available for download here, but at this point it is unclear when. However, that should not impact your ability to play v1.x in any way.

Be warned, there are some significant mechanical differences between the two versions so you may find some of the V2.0 discussions confusing or conflicting with the RAW (Rules as Written) in your v1.x rulebook. There is a thread entitled [V2.0] MAJOR RULES CHANGES FROM V1.X that points out the differences. Cross-check that if you have a potential conflict to see if it was one of the areas of the rules that was changed.

If you are new to the forums and actually read this thread as requested, then I thank you very much. You are likely one of the few :mrgreen:

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