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Solo Play?
Solo Play Posted on [02/03/2018] à 12:03

Hello I wanted to know can Heroes of Black Reach be played solo?


Solo Play Posted on [03/03/2018] à 06:25

I am answering having not played HoBR, but I play HoN, which is very similar, and I play it with myself a lot. It is like playing chess on your own, and it can help you practice, or you can have a campaign, or you can have a story intertwined into the game that you play. It has its own advantages and I enjoy it a lot. The only problem is recruitment options like bluff and tricky are not very useful, but you can work around that.

Solo Play Posted on [03/03/2018] à 23:13

I play HoN and Son solo (I play both sides) all the time.

If you meant one side to have some kind of AI, then no, no real solo play.

The game works quite well when you play both sides yourself. There are some things that don't work like bluff tokens, but all in all it is quite easy to solo the battles.

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

Solo Play? Posted on [06/05/2020] à 18:25

I'd love some low level AI for solo play,get me some Rorkes Drift style games pitching valiant Ultramarine fending off wave after wave infinite Orks. See how many turns I last. Or even better, Ultramarine defending their home world of Macragge against the Tyranid onslaught of hivefleet Behemoth.

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Solo Play? Posted on [07/05/2020] à 02:20

There are some fan made solo/AI rules made by a forum member. I've never tried them out, but it has generated a lot of discussion:


Solo Play? Posted on [10/05/2020] à 18:17

They're my solo rules 🙂

They're not perfect but do a pretty good job of controlling the enemy faction. They're not fully written for HoBR but you can use the ones for HoN and use best judgement as to which HoBR skills equate to those in HoN.

You can read a solo HoBR battle report on BoardGameGeek on the link below:



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