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Exclusives SoN
Exclusives SoN Posted on [15/03/2018] à 11:58


I'm reading on this site and googling about Shadows over Normandie (got some leftover money that's burning a hole in my pocket 😉 ) and wanted to check something first.

It seems to me there are A LOT of exclusive stuff for SoN, a lot more then for HoN.

Things you can buy on the site : Core box, Desert Wrath, Shadow Hunters, Call#1 and Call#2 (+ Errata) – 5 items

Exclusives : Achtung!Cthulhu, More Zombies, Axel, Cthulhu, Pointe du Hoc, Kelly's Heroes, Level System, Devil Boy, The Ventura & New Characters – 10 items

Is this list correct ? Which exclusives are 'must haves' (= add a lot to the game) ? Which are nice but not really needed ?

(I don't want to start a discussion about the need for exclusives or a business model without exclusives, etc, etc… Just wanted to check if my findings are correct before I buy in on SoN. I don't know anything about the Cthulhu world/fluff so it's all new to me)

Thanks in advance,

PS: I read the Unofficial product index but because I'm new to Cthulhu I wanted to double-check everything

Exclusives SoN Posted on [15/03/2018] à 12:29

Get what you like, I'd say. The big boxes like Desert Wrath are very good because they add a bit of everything (scenario's, terrain, units, …). Shadow Hunters too, but that's a very limited edition, only 500 are made.

The exclusives are nice things too. Each one's adding different things.

Pointe du Hoc is cool because it adds scenario's, terrain, fire rules and some more. It's somewhat hard to find, but possible. For me, this expansion sits in the Heroes of Normandie realm more because of the historic reference point. There's a shrimp-like creature in there too, to introduce it into SoN as well.

Level Up is nice but less mandatory in my opinion. Cool to upgrade your heroes.

I love Kelly's Heroes too because I liked the film and the references. For me this is more an expansion for regular Heroes of Normandie. But you can always mix and match.

The Ventura adds a large boat and it's crew. I like it to do something else from time to time. For me, this is also more of a classic expansion in the regular WW2 world.

☠☠☠Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Exclusives SoN Posted on [15/03/2018] à 12:56

Thanks for your reply.

What about 'Achtung!Cthulhu' expansion ? Doesn't that contain 3 terrain boards as well ? (underground if I recall correctly)

'Devil boy' is something I like because I found the (somewhat related) movies funny.

'Shadow Hunters' ?? On the site it seems like there are 300+ copies left

'Pointe du hoc' indeed seemed to me more historical WWII.

Exclusives SoN Posted on [15/03/2018] à 13:55

Things you can buy on the site : Core box, Desert Wrath, Shadow Hunters, Call#1 and Call#2 (+ Errata) – 5 items

Desert Wrath is really good expansion: It gives you 1 more faction to play (British Section M), cards and order tokens. It also expands the Black Sun faction with great units. And adds a neutral faction to boot (Desert folks), but you need the Cultist faction to use them fully (Call#1 and Call#2). You also get desert maps. They are great if you want to fight in another terrain type than swamp. It also adds a full campaign to play. If you take only 1 item in addition to SoN base box, this is my recommedation.

Shadow Hunters is a smaller expansion, but it adds an interesting unit to Majestic faction (American indians) and another great unit to Cultist faction (Mi-Go) (But you need Call#1 and Call#2 to fully use them). Also some maps, but they aren't as interesting as the desert maps. But more maps is always nice to have. This expansion is exclusive. Once it is sold out, there won't be another print run. I find the two units (Indians and Mi-Go) really interesting and very different from the SoN base box units. The Desert Wrath contains more items, but this is a great expansion too.

Call#1 and Call#2 – I would considere these a single expansion even if they are separate. You'll need both if you want to add a fourth faction to the SoN base game. If you also buy the Shadow Hunters, the Cultist faction really start to shine (Cultists and Mi-Go are friends). The Cultist faction is hardest to put together as you need to buy 3 different items for them, so I wouldn't exactly recommend them if you are not looking at getting lots of stuff for SoN. The Cultists can work together with the Deep ones or Black Sun factions if you like them (Call #1, but are not getting every item. Also, Lovecraft works great with the Zombies. Call#1 also comes with lots of Spells if the magic interests you in SoN.

Exclusives : Achtung!Cthulhu, More Zombies, Axel, Cthulhu, Pointe du Hoc, Kelly's Heroes, Level System, Devil Boy, The Ventura & New Characters – 10 items

Achtung!Cthulhu is an older expansion that does come with some nice maps (graveyard and the tunnel system). Some of the units here are already obsolete (Badgers commandoes and Prof. Deadman) with better replacements in Desert Wrath and Demon Hunters. Germans get a pair of sorcerers (Black Sun master Egon and mercenary necromancer Boelter) which can still be used for the Black Sun faction. Also there are a few monsters that don't have summoning spell attached (other than the gate), so are not as useful. More zombies to fill up your undead count too.

Cthulhu is OOP, so not really useful unless you like to combat a really big monster.

Devilboy adds an interesting character that can be used by both the allies and the german factions.

Axel is just one man and not a really interesting hero (Sorry Axel!)

More Zombies adds just that, more zombies. You kind of need Lovecraft (Call#1) to use them fully.

Pointe du Hoc is not really much anything as an add on. If you have some Rangers already, they add a bit more Rangers. The maps are hard to use as the cliffs are not really good for games (being impassable to most units). If you have D-Day, this adds bit more coastal maps to that. This is really a HoN expansion rather than SoN.

Kellys heroes add more heroes to HoN. Not a SoN expansion.

Ventura adds a boat and crew. Not very useful as you need to own some sea/shore maps. Also hard to come up with any use for it. I did fight a rather nice battle with commandos on board and SS men assaulting it and the lighthouse, so it can be done if you are creative…

The level up
is an interesting idea, but I haven't got to use it yet. You can modify some of the heroes a bit with this and it really shines if you are planning to play any campaign style games.

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

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