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Flak 38 inside a building?
Flak 38 inside a building? Posted on [24/09/2018] à 10:13


And another question I had. I had a Flank 38 unit at my disposal. It's in the infantry category so I moved it inside a house. Shouldn't it be the medium vehicle category to prevent moving these things inside houses?

I know HON is an action movie game and having a unit like this in a house makes for some scenic encounters 😉 But looking at how big a gun like this is: https://www.super-hobby.com/products/German-IIWW-Anti-Aircraft-Gun-FLAK-38-2cm.html

And is it missing it the "firing arc" symbols?

Flak 38 inside a building? Posted on [24/09/2018] à 11:04

You mean this one, top center?

Well, a hole in a wall was easily made with a Panzerfaust… So I see no struggle there to push that cannon into a house. :mrgreen:

The firing arc icons aren't missing on mine? Or are you talking about a different unit, like the Flak 38 Quad, from the Carentan expansion? That one has no firing arc, so it can fire 360° without turning.

☠☠☠Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Flak 38 inside a building? Posted on [24/09/2018] à 11:57

Excellent! Putting in a house that looked out over the field the infantry was advancing over was an excellent move. Seems like it was legal.

I was using the quad version 🙂 So it seems that it was no misprint as well. Thanks again!

Flak 38 inside a building? Posted on [28/07/2019] à 23:25

This is an interesting question, that has come up in our group several times.

Based on our read of the rules, you can put guns – including Flak guns inside of buildings.

We use a couple of house rules,

1) The guns can only be placed in a building at the start of the scenario.

2) Guns can only be deployed on the first floor of a building (unless some special scenario setup is in effect)

3) The guns cannot move during the scenario.

Without getting to far down in the weeds on a game that is quick and fun,,,,,,,,

We put these rules in place because we feel that although it is legal, placing these guns inside buildings is problematic during the game. If the guns are set up in a building prior to a scenario, one could argue that there was plenty of time for the troops to set up the guns – regardless of how difficult it would be. As an example, the German PAK 40, 75mm ATG weighed over 3,000 pounds. I suspect getting something that large and heavy into a building would be a major effort.

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