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So... DPG's broke?
So... DPG's broke? Posted on [02/10/2018] à 16:06

That's not my case.

My HoBR order has the status shipping since a week or two (no worries there)

My order from 2 weeks ago was shipped the day after and arrived in a couple of days

My order from last week is in status "shipping" since last Friday but not yet send.

So... DPG's broke? Posted on [02/10/2018] à 18:36

Hi Axel,

Following your instructions I did send a message to you using the contact form (after-sales service) and also via account message service, just in case.

So... DPG's broke? Posted on [02/10/2018] à 21:50

I ordered 8th armor and civilians under fire but have not got a message about shipment. I ordered it last week.

Should I send in a contact form as well? I dont mind the wait, just want to make sure my order did not get lost 😉

So... DPG's broke? Posted on [05/10/2018] à 12:06

Still no change in status with my normal order…

While I get, that HBOR has a certain priority, should the guys who followed the call to spend more money somehow have a certain priority as well?

So... DPG's broke? Posted on [06/10/2018] à 06:53

I have an email into DPG to try and get more info. I will let you know when I hear back.

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So... DPG's broke? Posted on [11/10/2018] à 18:03

Hi everyone, i just received my order from the World shop today, placed on the 27th Sept delivered today by DPD in the UK. Normal time scales for the package from France. Thanks DPG – good servce and looking forward to the HoBR arriving soon.

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