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Dark Master
Dark Master Posted on [29/09/2018] à 22:37


I got a bunch of SoN stuff yesterday including Cthulhu. He comes with the Dark Master tile which gives a green star, but I can't find any info anywhere on what this does. It's not in the scenario info, so I'm a bit stumped. Anyone any idea?

Dark Master Posted on [30/09/2018] à 00:41

This order Can only played on "Big créature". Those with Green défense number.

Jamais un type n’a gagné une guerre en mourant pour sa patrie. On gagne en s’arrangeant pour que ce soit le type d’en face qui meure pour sa patrie. George Smith Patton

Dark Master Posted on [30/09/2018] à 07:58

Compendium p81

This customisation gives you an additionnal Order as long as you have a summoned unit on the batllefield.

Dark Master Posted on [30/09/2018] à 21:11

Thank you!

Is there a cheat sheet somewhere that I'm missing that has all of the abilities for quick reference?

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