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[Resolved] Shipping Being Cancelled?
Shipping Being Cancelled? Posted on [12/10/2018] à 07:47

Just for the record, I received my regular order of in stock items from 27.09. on 09.10. in Germany.

While DPG had a very fast delivery time of 3-4 days with former orders, 10 days still seems reasonable within Europe.

Given the circumstances this might have been expected.

So my HON/SON collection is now as complete as it can get without hunting foe OOP Kickstarters or such.

Remains to be seen, when HOBR will arrive, but I am a bit more optimistic by now.

Shipping Being Cancelled? Posted on [12/10/2018] à 19:16

It has started arriving, as can be seen on other threads.


I am going to close this one since the question has been resolved. Post on the other thread when your stuff arrives 🙂

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