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Scenario #6 Minor Cosmetic Error
Scenario #7 Minor Cosmetic Error Posted on [21/12/2018] à 10:12

I'm just collecting minor bugs here, for us die-hard nerds. :mrgreen:

Scenario #7 (Thunder!) has a tiny little error on the deployment map. The leftmost objective shows a Heroes of Normandie style marker instead of the correct one from Heroes of Black Reach.

</Sherlock Holmes mode>

☠☠☠ Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Scenario #6 Minor Cosmetic Error Posted on [21/12/2018] à 19:17

Hi, another one:

In the first 'scenario' pag #8, in the recruiment tile, the Space Marine player must take the 'Tactical squad valoranus', but in the footer of the map when you go to position the Sgt. this is Solinus, not Valoranus as in the follow up sample.


Moisés H. Delgado Rubio

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