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HoN the Card Game
HoN the Card Game Posted on [09/02/2019] à 10:30

Does anyone have any gameplay feedback on Hon the Card Game? How is it?

HoN the Card Game Posted on [21/01/2020] à 23:10

You have videos and errata on BGG

People like the game. They talk about it in the forum.


HoN the Card Game Posted on [22/01/2020] à 00:15

Really like it. The danger is I might stop playing the regular HoN game just for the card version. Whats great is that the mechanics are familiar but the gameplay is different. Very much about strategy and tactics.

My only negative comment is I'm a bit worried about the paper maps. They are the weak point as ultimately they will get worn out. Either tiles or a mat are needed eventually.

If you like 'Heroes' you'll really like the card version.


HoN the Card Game Posted on [22/01/2020] à 21:06

I like the TCG quite a bit, but it does not threaten to pull me away from the HSTS. The play is very different — I love the squad-level play of HoN/HoS too much.

But if you like WW2 tactical combat, then definitely give both a try 🙂

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HoN the Card Game Posted on [08/05/2023] à 18:22

Vous savez quel officier allemand est représenté sur la couverture de la boite de base ? L'Américain représenté est peut être le Général Patton?

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