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Auditing your collection
Auditing your collection Posted on [14/02/2019] à 20:27

I have a lot of Heroes Of Normandie stuff. I've got everything that has been released except

– The last gazette

– The train

– Harbor tiles

For a while I had trouble keeping track of everything but then the storage solution arrived and I was able to put a much more efficient plan into place. I was using the HONBible document to figure out what went where but that is out of date and doesn't describe things like which sticker belongs to what.

So I set about auditing my stuff and producing a document to enable others to do so.

The bad news:

I have lost 2 'sleep' tiles, a double time directive from Easy Company and a Battle Plan recruitment option from Lord Lovat II.

The good news:

I have a 177 page word document itemizing each punchboard and which storage sticker they belong to.

I'd like to share that and get feedback but where? It's so big google docs won't let you preview it.

Any ideas? Currently, I think I will break it down into smaller docs and go from there.

Auditing your collection Posted on [15/02/2019] à 10:52

Sounds like a fantastic piece of work. I was about to do it myself, but it’s on a long list of games I’ve got to catalogue. I was thinking of setting up a spreadsheet to collect and set out the information, but I can see why you wouldn’t want to transfer a 177 pass word document across to a new format.

I think the only sensible way would be to be, as you say, to break it down into smaller packages.

Would you be happy to share the full document with me. It would be great if you could.

I’m just finishing a complete listing of the HoN Tactical Card Game – which arrived earlier in the week. I’m planning to share the checklist very shortly.



Hussain Zaman

Auditing your collection Posted on [15/02/2019] à 13:34

If you are using a Mac, OmniOutliner is an excellent app to create an outline. This way you can have section and sub-sections. MindNode also comes to mind.

I recently made this map to help me makes sense of the HoN products –

Happy HoN player in Toronto.

Auditing your collection Posted on [15/02/2019] à 17:03

That is a great visual of a collection. I like how that turns out. :mrgreen:

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Auditing your collection Posted on [15/02/2019] à 17:52

I slimmed it down to the core set but Google docs chokes on anything other than a PDF. You should be able to comment on this but I can't edit it inline. Oh well…


Auditing your collection Posted on [15/02/2019] à 19:58

I agree with dafrca, great visual 🙂

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Auditing your collection Posted on [09/03/2019] à 03:15

Unit Bibles are now on BGG. I had to break the document up into 14 documents.

Please review and make comments.


Auditing your collection Posted on [09/03/2019] à 09:04

Looks good! I checked out the 1st SS panzer one. Looked good! Is the only purpose of these unit bibles to see what sticker belongs to what unit?

Auditing your collection Posted on [09/03/2019] à 13:28

The original purpose was to make sure I had all the right tokens in the right boxes. Since my collection started before the storage system came out it went through several storage iterations which meant somethings got misplaced.

So two functions:

1. Map a token to a storage box

2. Document what each product has in it unit-wise

Auditing your collection Posted on [18/03/2019] à 22:47

Very impressive!

I have a pretty good sized collection for HON myself and keeping track of everything can be a challenge. I have been using plastic fishing tackle boxes with labels,,,,,but I like your idea better.

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