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Grenade assaults
Grenade assaults Posted on [02/03/2019] à 12:18

Some units have fire on the move ability. I was playing that this applied to any attacks the unit makes. This meant I was allowing Marines to use grenades while moving, just apply the penalty to the grenade attack.

I have been reading the Compendium and it more clearly states that special abilities do not apply to alternate firing actions. Which grenade use would be an alternate firing action.

So in order to use grenades on the move, that ability would have to be on the grenade counter. If the grenade counter did show this ability, than ANY unit using the grenade would be granted the fire on the move ability. Since the counter does NOT show fire on the move ability, then NO unit may ever throw grenades while moving.

I played this incorrectly and will have to fix this mistake. Previously I would have a Marine toss grenades and then launch an assault. I was wondering if it was possible to use grenades as a suppression weapon. But that bonus also does not transfer to alternate firing actions.

Grenade assaults Posted on [02/03/2019] à 13:20

In my opinion you can use Grenades in combination with Fire on the Move.

If you couldn’t, the whole Hollywood styled combat of the HSTS would be omitted. We don’t want that, right? :mrgreen:

The HoBR rules have a little sentence that explains that special abilities which trigger Firing Actions also trigger Alternate Firing Actions. Although that sentence uses the word ‘trigger’ so it might refer to things like Overwatch.

HoN has Offensive Grenades which suppress the targets.

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Grenade assaults Posted on [02/03/2019] à 14:02

i had similar question on french forum, i'll try to answer but i'm not sure i'm fluent enough to be clear.

With alternate firing action you cant use special abilities neither combat value from the unit. But you can use special abilities that grant you a firing action. (grey frame p9 in the rulebook)

Fire on the move belongs to the second part so you can use it to throw grenades with the fire on the move malus (you would also be able to use sniper, direct/indirect fire for example)

and yeah so far compendium dont 100% work for HoBR even if most of the rules match

Grenade assaults Posted on [02/03/2019] à 14:06

Thanks for sharing Poymaster.

The -2 on most units with Fire on the Move is enough to render the grenade less effective. A zero grenade like that isn’t that punishing.

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Grenade assaults Posted on [02/03/2019] à 14:11

You can use grenades with fire on the move.

Fire on the move allows you to take a fire action while moving. If you do, that fire action will have a malus to its attack roll (most of the time). That fire action can be an alternative fire action.

You can't use special abilities while using an alternative fire action but a special ability can trigger an alternative fire action.

So you can use fire on the move to throw a grenade (alternative fire action). You can use fire on the move with suppressive fire (2 special abilities). You cannot throw a grenade and use suppressive fire cause suppressive fire is an ability that is used during the fire action (here prevented by the alternative fire action). You can use fire on the move to use sniper and you won't apply the fire on the move malus as it only applies to attack roll and the sniper roll isn't one.

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