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Plain Carnage (Return to Sender)
Plain Carnage (Return to Sender) Posted on [06/03/2019] à 05:24

The set up for this scenario tells you which cards to remove from the US and German decks. However there is a type of card called "Return to Sender" in both decks. It makes no sense for this type of card to be in the German deck as the US player has no grenades at all. Therefore this card is a waste of a draw for the German player and should be removed from the German deck (but left in the US deck).

Plain Carnage (Return to Sender) Posted on [06/03/2019] à 07:43

This is speculation from my part, it could be a deliberate choice to put that card in. Balance issue or just adding a bigger random factor to the game. Instead of the usual 4 cards you can use you have 3.

Plain Carnage (Return to Sender) Posted on [06/03/2019] à 13:27

Feel free to use house rules where you feel that something does not suit you since it does not change dramatically the gameplay.

For example I'm really bored to remove cards for each game to make the decks. So We simply play with all the cards and if it happens for someone to draw a card that shouldn't be there, just draw a new one instantly.

Plain Carnage (Return to Sender) Posted on [06/03/2019] à 22:23

That’s a good option as well. Tried that and worked ^_^ if you have the recruitment options and platoons on the table you can see pretty easily if something is used

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