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Tournaments and Organized Play
Tournaments and Organized Play Posted on [14/06/2019] à 15:06

That looks fine.

In previous tournaments players needed to register before the event so that the participants could be split up in two groups (GE and US). You got assigned to a group so you knew which faction you were playing before the event. In that case, you only needed to bring one list. Only one match was played with no consecutive rounds.

But it's a good idea to let people make multiple lists, one per faction.

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Tournaments and Organized Play Posted on [17/06/2019] à 14:17

I don't think we should mix the games for tournaments. The best way is to do either a HoN tournament or a HoS tournament.

For the HoN tournaments I organize, each player prepares two army lists:

– one for the Germans,

– a US or Commonwealth (but not both).

In general I propose 2 scenarios that each player will play once with his GE list and once with his US or Commonwealth list,

for a total of 4 games.

Tournaments and Organized Play Posted on [17/06/2019] à 18:49

Quote from slyfox on [14/06/2019] à 04:19

4. A player can bring four lists: GE, US, Commonwealth, and Soviet. A player can then choose which army to play depending on the initiative.

6. Country is determined by the initiative. Players roll for initiative and the payer who has the initiative choose which list he wants to play, the other player then chooses an opposite side. For example, player one has the initiative and chooses to play with a commonwealth army. Player two has to play with a GE army list.

The problem I see with these rules are that players can bring, for example, a vehicle heavy UK list, an anti-tank US list and a Infantry heavy Soviet list and choose which list to use depending on the GE list your opponent is fielding.

gduprez' sollution is better. You only bring 2 lists to the tournament : 1 GE and for the other you choose between UK, US or soviet.

The player who has the initiative must then choose between Axis and Allies.

Tournaments and Organized Play Posted on [18/06/2019] à 04:58

@Eclo Good point. I think that a limit of 2 armies is a good rule. One Axis and one Allied army.

@gduprez I am not sure that I would agree with limiting tournaments to HoN or HoS.

You may include recruitment tiles from different factions in your army, but they need to share at least one of the badge symbols that surround the title of the tile.

Compendium pg. 33

Share is optional for historical battles. No badge is needed for skirmish scenarios.

I think the same should apply to HoN and HoS for better playability. Some people may have HoN and some may have HoS. Both are compatible and in the same time period. Thus, a player should be allowed to have one GE and one Allied army from any big box.

Happy HoN player in Toronto.

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