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What is a P500 campaign?
What is a P500 campaign? Posted on [26/04/2019] à 19:12

The original P500 campaign was started by various miniatures manufacturers as a sort of pre-kickstarter system to determine interest in various products. If 500 people pledged to buy a given set of miniatures, then that was enough interest to justify the manufacture of that line. Those who pledged were then expected to order what they said they would.

DPG is using the spirit of that system to judge interest in various products at the moment. So they will offer a set of products for sale within a limited window. If there is sufficient interest, then the products will get made. If there is not enough interest, then those items may go out of print or at the very least it will be a while before they are offered again.

For more information, you can see this News article about it.

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