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[Official] Collected HoBR Rules Errata
Collected HoBR Rules Errata Posted on [10/05/2019] à 19:30

I will be using this thread for collecting HoBR Errata.

This thread is closed, please post any mistakes you find in the Errata forum.


:!: Indicates an Error or Omission that is corrected
:?: Indicates a clarification of the rules

Core Rules

Zone of Control (p. 7)

❓ When the rules state that, "An infantry Unit may move into or out of an enemy infantry Unit's ZoC, but cannot move through one." it actually means, "An infantry Unit may move into or out of (or both into and out of) an enemy Unit's ZoC, but cannot move within it."

An Infantry Unit may pass into and then out of the same square as part of the same movement, as long as they do not move from that first square directly to any other square within the same enemy Unit's ZoC. [Source]

Elevation (p. 11)

❗ Units Standing on an Elevated space (adjacent to an elevated terrain element) can ignore any LoS restriction from an Adjacent Terrain Element. This especially applies to the tops of fortification walls (such as those on C4-B and C5-B), where units on top of the walls can shoot over the obstacles on the outer face of the walls. [Source]

Aircraft (p. 21)

❗ Enemy Units may only target an Aircraft if said Aircraft has an Order token, and the attacking unit may not have Limited Range. If a Unit has the AAA (or Fighter) Special Ability, then they may target the Aircraft even if it does not have an Order token. [Source]

❓ Aircraft always target the top of an enemy vehicle, so may not gain the bonus for attacking the rear of a vehicle. [Source]

❓ Aircraft are "off board". Do not include range penalty either for Aircraft attacking ground targets or for the ground targets shooting at Aircraft. Any such penalty has already been included in the Aircraft stats. [Source]

Reference Sheet (p. 30)

❗ Supply Phase, Step 4 is missing

4 – Discard one (and only one) Suppressed Marker from each of his Units.

Scenario Rules

Markers and Turn Chart (p. 4)

❗ There are currently no Event markers available in HoBR, so ignore references to "events and special conditions". The only Turn Chart markers are the Initiative and End markers. [source]

Go (p. 6)

❗ There are currently no Event markers available in HoBR, so you cannot place them on Turn 4 or Turn 6 of the Initiative Track. You just need to remember to check the Win states at those points in your games. [source]

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