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Saves Granted versus Restricted
Saves Granted versus Restricted Posted on [22/05/2019] à 23:11

This is from a thread over on BGG [link]

A historical event says:

…unit cards gain save value of 6+ in all terrain…

but the sniper event says:

…enemy infantry cards…cannot make a saving throw…

and the shooting effect Defenceless:

… unit cards may not use save values…

The Historical Event gives the unit card the chance of a save in a terrain where it normally wouldn't get a save, but the Sniper event and the Defenceless effect would cancel the benefit and mean that the unit can't make a saving throw.

This would also apply if the unit was simply in a terrain that would normally grant a save, the Sniper event and Defenceless effect would cancel the benefit and mean the unit wouldn't be able to make a saving throw.

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