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D-Day - 75 years ago
D-Day - 75 years ago Posted on [06/06/2019] à 08:20


please take some time to remember the events that happened exactly 75 years ago.

-> Operation Neptune, better known as D-Day

The Parachute Landings (Mission Albany, Mission Boston and Operation Deadstick) happened very early this morning -> DPG's Sainte-Mere-Eglise & Pegasus Bridge expansions

Between 6 AM and 8 AM landings began on the 5 different beaches -> DPG's D-Day expansion.

Throughout the rest of the day the fighting went on until at the end of the day the Allies failed to achieve a single objective but gained a tenuous foothold which they would expand the next days/weeks. -> DPG's Corebox, Carentan expansion, Gazettes,…

We all love this game but sometimes it's good to think about the real story behind it.

D-Day - 75 years ago Posted on [06/06/2019] à 09:18

I was thinking about the invasion the moment I got out of bed at 8am this morning. It’s a grim and dark reflection that seventy-five years ago, at this actual moment, this early in the invasion, already thousands of young men had died.

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D-Day - 75 years ago Posted on [06/06/2019] à 15:26

After 75 years it still is a day that we never must forget! We have to be thankfull for them that gave there live for all of us and a save and one Europa.

Zijn er ook nerderlandse spelers onder ons? Omgeving nijmegen, uden, enz.

D-Day - 75 years ago Posted on [06/06/2019] à 21:18

Let us remember all the people of all the nations that landed on that day 75 years ago to overthrow a cruel, authoritarian regime for the sake of the people they oppressed. Both those that paid the ultimate price for the restoration of freedom and those that pushed on to end that threat once and for all. Their heroism should never be forgotten and let us hope it never has to be repeated.

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